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Use of Technology to Mitigate Operational Risks



Organizations review and adjust their business models to adapt to the current technological trends. Practices of operational risk management have to re-evaluated to be efficient and effective. Besides, businesses have to proactively adjust risk management techniques in line with emerging trends to remain competitive in their niche. Risk management has become a tool to strategize and develop viable business decisions.

Here is how technology is changing operational risks.

Value Addition

Initially, operational risk was based on simple concepts. Changes in consumer behavior and the need to keep up with the dynamic market have forced businesses to use technology in managing operational risk. Algorithms used in current operational software are improving daily, with the aim of reducing risk as much as possible. Also, technology has brought about better service with fewer risks, which translates to better value and service delivery to end users.

Database Management

Business growth is relative to that of its database. With the expansion of the database,  it gets harder to manage the system effectively. Technology plays a crucial role in the management of data. Electronic control of information has changed how data is handled. It allows for huge chunks of information to be stored electronically, making it easy to retrieve, organize, edit, track, archive and distribute it with ease. Moreover, the systems have made it easier to update information and automate tasks. For instance, technologies such as CORS software have helped change the mining industry through effective management of data and maintaining all the historical data obtained.

Seamless Production

The success of a business is determined based on the systems it uses. Most modern systems integrate operational risk assessment with the aim of reducing risks while at the same time maximizing output. A good example is how robotics and machine learning are now being used to reduce human error in manufacturing and data analysis respectively.

Improved Security

Through the use of technology-based solutions in repetitive operations, errors are minimal, while the process becomes faster. Cloud-based solutions offer a range of solutions that have significantly reduced operational risks. They aid in automating data collection and distribution within companies and contain forecasting and predictive tools that can help determine future complications. Additionally, they assist in fraud detection and prevention, alongside the identification of unnecessary services in the system.

What’s more, encryption used in cloud-based solutions reduces the threat from hackers and are affordable in comparison to the results. Automation has helped mitigate human error, cut theft through system manipulation and streamlined the business processes.

Technology can help a company improve productivity and maximize its resources and increase service delivery and performance. Operation risks will always be there. Therefore, there is a need for constant innovation and flexibility in business operations. A business must, therefore, review its business model and determine the best technology for them. Furthermore, the business model must be flexible enough to adapt to emerging technological trends without any disruptions in operations.

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