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We value the privacy of our users and ensure to give adequate attention in maintaining your personal information. Here you will get to know the kind of personal information that we may collect when making use of certain provisions with our site. We also provide you information as to how we safeguard the personal information so collected. We at do not sell any of your personal information to third parties for commercial purpose or any other purpose.

Web beacons and cookies

In order to store information, we do make use of cookies which works based on the personal preference the consumers show while visiting the site. A pop up is shown once you visit the site and provides for a way to login to certain features which includes forums. To support our site, we make use of third party advertisements and these may contain cookies and beacons as well. Your personal information including IP address, ISP, the kind of browser that you are making use of and the flash that is installed are sent to the third party advertisers.

Log files collects and also makes use of the data found in log files. All those information found in Log files including that of Internet protocol address, browser, ISP like AOL or other such internet providers comes under this. The time periods at which the site is visited and the pages looked for are included as a part.

Double click DART cookies

We at makes use of Google’s DoubleClick that keeps a cookie on the system like the DART cookies while browsing through the website and visiting a site by making use of DoubleClick advertising (Google AdSense advertisements). The cookie will relate to you and your interests and takes information from your browsing history.  DART makes use of “non personally identifiable information.” No personal information is collected including social security number, telephone number, name, address, email address, bank account number and credit card number.

It is possible to turn off our cookies or the third party cookies that we placed with you by making some changes to the settings. Deleting the cookies will not lead to opting out of advertising programs and to do this you need to disallow the cookies.

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