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Gaming Technology Advances You Should Be Aware Of



game technology

Video games became mainstream during the eighties and they are much more advanced now than they used to be. Technology advanced to the point at which even choosing a gaming keyboard can be difficult. Things will not get simpler in the future since there are some pretty interesting gaming advances we now know and that will surely change the industry. 

Facial Recognition Software

Through the use of facial recognition and 3D scanning, you can now have an avatar that is just like you in a game. Alternatively, you can use this tech to transfer expressions to digital creations. Thanks to the Intel RealSense 3D camera, developers can now make games that adapt based on gamer emotions. As an example, if you make some grimaces, it might make the game dial down difficulty to make everything more enjoyable for you. 

Voice Recognition Software

Voice controlled gaming is not new but now it is as advanced as it has to be in order to be really useful in gaming. With simple commands you can turn your console on, control gameplay features, have social media interactions and even play some movies. Some already use the technology to search the internet for what they want to find. 

Gesture Controls

Are you too lazy to use your controller? Intel Real-Sense tech actually allows you to play some FPS games by just waving your hands. This is possible through the use of a special 3D camera that can track hand points. Gesture control technology improves your gaming experience and makes you physically active at the same time. 


How can we not mention the amazing graphics that are now possible in gaming? 8-bit graphics literally disappeared. Gamers can easily experience their games in worlds that are fully rendered and look as if they were real. Playability is increased thanks to the use of really high image quality and you can feel as if you are inside a game. 

High-Definition Displays

Graphics can be incredible but they would be useless if it wasn’t for the development of displays capable of showing Ultra 4K. Initially, displays that can offer 4K were really expensive. Nowadays, they are quite affordable. Crispness and colors are simply unbeatable and much better than 1080p. 

Virtual Reality

Most VR gaming consoles that are now in development were not released till now. However, we do know what is possible thanks to what we know about the VR headsets. Gamers gain access to truly immersive gaming and can actually end up losing themselves inside games. 

Combine VR with augmented reality and the world is a sea of possibilities. AR allows you to play games in the real-world. It removes the need to be connected to a monitor. Every single game is unique as it benefits from your own perspective. 

Cloud Gaming

In the past, developers simply created systems with really strong hardware. Nowadays, many are considering the possibility of lightening the load needs and the hardware that gamers need thanks to the use of cloud technology. This opens games in a huge server and you take advantage of specs that you simply cannot afford. The gameplay is streamed on your screen and you can have the time of your life even on the worst possible computer. 

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