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Wedding shopping and planning going the digital way

Picture this: you’re out with your family and friends to pick up stuff to plan a big fat Indian wedding. You’d have to visit countless stores and the offices of service providers multiple times on numerous days.

How to Save Money When Developing an App For Your Small Business

More and more companies are discovering the potential of apps for their business. However, developing an app from scratch is an expensive affair with a lot of things that can go wrong.  Thankfully, there are things you

Solving Business Problems With Apps

Businesses are taking advantage and investing in mobile applications to increase profits. On the flip side, customers download mobile apps to help manage everyday problems. Why aren’t businesses doing the same? Industry experts at companies like Brain

Javascript Frameworks: Trends in 2021

Framework in programming, a ready-made, easily customizable preset of code for app or software development, have long been in high market demand. Since online businesses are often questioning up-to-date market demand, we’ve made a top list of

The Best Windows Hosting Providers of 2021

Several web hosting services providers use Linux as a hosting server and the main reasons are it is extremely fast, highly credible as well as secure and available for free. Moreover, it comprises of world class web

Facebook Ads for restaurants! How do they work?

With the rise of digital marketing over recent years, there is a need to develop compelling content to promote a product or service on social media. Restaurant owners understand that selling meals online takes an entirely different

The Importance of a Contact Form on Your Website

A contact form is a page on a company’s website allowing visitors to provide their contact information for the company to communicate with them.  The form has different sections where the client fills in their information. The

12 Principles Of Agile Manifesto

Announcement: The twelve principles of the Agile approach to software development are set out in a document called the Manifesto. In this article, you will find the essence of these rules and will be able to apply

Understanding Link Building Strategies to Rank High in Search Engine Results

Link building aims at increasing the number of backlinks directed towards a website. From an SEO perspective, link building aims at boosting the ranking of a website in search results. It can also be a marketing technique

How to Keep the Customers You Already Have and Gain More During COVID-19

The current global pandemic has changed life as we know it for nearly everyone in the world, which has meant a lot of changes for businesses, too. Many businesses were impacted by shelter-in-place orders issued in the

Important Tips for MacBook Users on Adobe Flash Player

If you own a Mac, you want to optimize its uses – and one way to do this is through Adobe Flash Player. While Adobe Flash Player, which has been an iconic application for years, will no

SEO Strategies to Boost Your PageRank

Your website gains a PageRank based on its number of valuable links. This can come from popular social media sites, well-known news sources, and credible blogs.  The authority of the pages you link to will affect the