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An Overview on WAC



Wicked Article Creator (WAC) is a content generation software that spins your articles to give you SEO content. Article spinners out there appreciate such a tool as it is quite hard to spin content and still get non-plagiarized work for backlinks. WAC assures its clients more than 100 ultra-spun articles for all SEO needs.

How WAC works

To get access to what WAC offers, one needs to download it and run it as an administrator. The software only runs on Windows and requires a .NET framework 4.0. It is quite limiting though, as it only generates English content. However, German and Polish content writers can rejoice too as GSA projects accommodate these languages.

Users can easily check if WAC supports their machines. This can be done by downloading the trial copy of the WAC 4.4 software and testing it out on your device. This is a fully functional trial that will only download the first 60 articles of the selected keyword or niche.

The WAC content generator limit for 60 articles for the user’s keyword or niche is a brilliant invention. It prevents end users from abusing the content database. In addition to this limitation, the trial copy expires 48 hours after first running it.

On the other hand, users have the option of downloading the full license WAC. With this package, extra features are available to give you more SEO content. You can download up to 200 random articles for your chosen niche or keyword. You only need to pay a onetime fee for this while getting lifetime updates. WAC also has no monthly subscriptions after purchasing the full license. Unlike other counterfeit spinning software, WAC does not have hidden charges, and this is a relief for many people who use content generating software.

One downside to WAC software is that most antivirus software detects it as a malware. However, you can be rest assured that the virus warnings are false alerts. The company assures users that all development is in-house; therefore, they would not put a virus in commercial software. Better yet, WAC has provided the skeptics with a complete virus report.

Additional support is provided if your antivirus refuses to let you download the setup file. You can easily download the zip file that has been conveniently provided on the site. Later, you only need to extract the file anywhere on your system and install WAC, running it as an administrator to facilitate smooth functioning.

WAC offerings

  • Web scraping

When content generators are fully optimized, writers can then produce high quality and unique work. WAC adheres to this need by providing a site scraper which scrapes content such as headlines, titles or paragraphs from any website. Additionally, it scraps videos and images for your keyword. For SEO content, this is highly efficient as you are assured of unique and high-ranking content.

  • Content building

With WAC, you get to access a database of up to 5 million articles. Additionally, you have the option of different templates for your output, and you can build ultra-spun content from your articles. Furthermore, you can develop complete tiered projects, as well as, project data for GSA SER and completely transfer all content and data in GSA through API.

  • Low cost

WAC is a one-click spinner that has a onetime charge which offers you a lifetime of free updates. Unlike other content generator software, you do not need to provide PayPal or email address to access the free trial.

Final note

Since its launch, WAC has been updated every month, and promises to keep doing so in the future. For better performance, you would need to keep your WAC updated. For all its offerings, this is one of the best content generating software out there at a very affordable price.

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