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The Benefits Of A Word Counter Tool When Writing Content For Your Website



Word conter tool

Generating quality content on your website can be the best digital marketing strategy to gain more leads. It can also help you establish a more solid online presence.

If you’re writing about a topic that you’re most passionate about, chances are, you get carried away with your words sometimes. But you probably already know that flooding your web page with words doesn’t always mean quality.

Not all readers are fond of reading multi-page posts. That’s one significant reason why you need to keep your web content’s word count in check. The tool you need the most is a website word counter.

What’s a Word Counter Tool?

A word counter tool is a program that counts the total number of words and characters in a written article. Some of the most used online word counting tools nowadays include Word Counter, WordCount.Co, and Count On It.

It’s also worth mentioning that aside from online tools, there are commonly used word processing programs with a built-in word counting features such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Benefits of Using Word Counter Tool

If you haven’t been a fan of word counting tools yet, here are some compelling reasons why you should start using one now:

It Saves Time and Effort

There are millions of websites right now each of which has tons of content. It’s only expected of you to also do your best in generating as many contents as you can. Time is always of utmost importance for an active website content writer like you.

Imagine how each article has to stay within a set word count. You wouldn’t want to waste your precious time manually counting the words you’ve written for each article. All those minutes could have been spent writing other content instead.

By using an automatic word counting tool, you get to save both time and effort. Gone are the hassles of manual counting, and you can write more quality content for your website.

Word Count Affects Website Ranking

Online presence is best exemplified by earning a top spot on search engine results pages for your website. That’s why you always see to it that your content is optimized by using different SEO strategies. One of such SEO strategies is creating a long content.

Search engines prefer web page content that’s packed with quality and keywords. However, setting a maximum amount of words per content should be applied. There has to be a balance with the length and quality of your web content. This is achieved by making your web content not too short and not too long. A word counter tool allows you to achieve this balance.

Word Counter Tools Also Count Keywords

Earlier versions of word counting tools functioned simply by counting the total words and characters found in a content or article. As search engine result ranking grew more significant as an indicator of digital marketing success, keywords also gained more significance. That’s why you always make sure that your content is packed with relevant keywords.

To address the demand for keyword-rich content, newer versions of word counting tools have transformed from a mere word counting tool to incorporating a keyword counting function as well. Not only are you automatically shown the total number of words, but you also get to see how many relevant keywords you’ve embedded into your content.

Grammar and Spell Check Feature

When talking about having to maintain the quality of your web content, it’s a primary focus to keep your articles free from grammar and spelling errors. Aside from its crippling effect to your article’s content, this also deprecates the total valid word count.

When you run your article through a grammar and spelling checker, you’ll find that there could be extra words or articles that need to be deleted. Although there are automatic grammar and spelling checking tools, having to copy and paste your content over again can also take up time.

It’s a good thing that there are word counting tools that also have a built-in grammar and spell check feature. One example is

Word Count Goal Can Be Motivating Too

Some people work best under pressure. If you also love working with an added challenge of a quota, having a word count goal as a target can serve as a form of motivator.

When you write your ideas and finish an article, knowing there’s a specific number of words that you need to get done can get you hyped. With a word counting tool that automatically provides feedback on your current word count, you’ll be more aware of your percentage of accomplishment. You’ll also be more motivated to write more quality content.


Professional content writers are very much aware of the importance of maintaining the word count. This is even more crucial for content writers who write content for other websites. As you can see from the benefits enumerated in this article, it can apply to both content writers providing services to clients and website owners.

Whether you’re writing the content or paying an external writer to write content for your website, it’s best to keep a word count tool on hand.

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