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Microsoft Surface Go: An Irresistible 2-in-1 Tablet



Microsoft is aiming the educational sector now with its new 2-in-1device, Surface Go. Like Surface Pro, this Go device is just a small package with decent pricing.

Microsoft Surface Go is not only affordable but also the smaller package leaves no scars behind as it just works effortlessly and there are no app compatibility problems till now. Microsoft Surace lineup has always been like this- such a fabulous piece of design and speed. Surface Go runs Windows 10S Mode out of the box but in terms of power, Microsoft compromises a bit like Surface 3. In this range of affordable pricing, Microsoft Surface Go is the little task master tablet which you will love. Check latest gadgets to buy with best rates using Amazon Coupons today.


Surface Go weighs 0.52kg and looks just the same like Surface Pro. This shrunken Surface Pro version is truly excellent in its design- hands down. The targeted audience is clearly for students and that’s why it is designed for the students itself. Rounded edges and cut angles of this device makes it look sleek and smooth. Moreover, the legendary hinges are back which can bend the device nearly up to 180 degrees which will help the users treating it like a drawing tablet and taking notes.

Microsoft Surface Go packs a USB-C port and microSD card reader too. Its competitor latest iPad still lacks that. Coming to the keyboard part, Type Cover, Surface Go keeps the usual keys with less spacing and also includes a glass trackpad too. So, overall Type Cover is as crisp as before but only smaller than Surface Pro version.

As the key spacing gets less, you might feel very difficult to type. But, if you have tight writing experience, you might love it. Comparing it to iPad Smart Keyboard, Type Cover is way better than that. As iPad Smart Keyboard lacks mouse input and uses irritating round keys which usually people don’t like.

Display and Audio

Surface Go bears a perfect display with 1,800 x 1,200 pixels which are not the most you get in 10-inch screen size as the latest iPad bears 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. Surface Go comes with large bezels which every other tablet comes with though. The tablet also gets connected to Type Cover from the magnet on its bottom bezels.

Coming to the audio quality, Surface Go sounds amazing and powerful. This is the reason Microsoft Surface Go is a great multimedia tablet.


Under the hood, Microsoft Surface Go bears an Intel Pentium Gold processor. The processor it bears is best for the basic simple workload but don’t expect it to do heavy work as a laptop does. The lowest variant offers 32GB eMMC storage and the more expensive one has 128GB SSD.
Inside the CPU, it has Intel HD Graphics 615 which are somewhat powerful for 3D rendering but don’t expect heavy gaming from it. Though there is no competition between the new iPad and Surface Go as the new A10 chip is way faster than Intel Pentium Gold Processor. So, in this context Microsoft Surface Go lacks behind than its competitor. Overall, it provides a smooth experience. You can check the best discounted rates with Flipkart Coupons to buy any gadgets online.

Battery Life

The company promises the users to provide 9 hours of continuous usage on the Surface Go. Also, a weird thing has come across that the device runs longer on Windows 10 Home than in S Mode.


Microsoft Surface Go gets a facial recognization login through Windows Hello. Though it is not like the other Face IDs, Microsoft has beat Apple iPad in secure and faster logins.
Moreover, Microsoft has integrated a great 5MP webcam and 8MP camera on the rear. The webcam captures 1080p video for better video quality and detailed aesthetics. Coming to its competitor iPad, it only uses a 720p camera.


Microsoft Surface Go is now available in India for nearly 40 grands on the online store, Flipkart with with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Further, the top version will cost around 50 grand with with 8GB RAM and 128GB onboard storage.


Surface Go has targetted its audience to the educational niche and that’s what makes it a great productive device at this range. Microsoft has perfectly brought the Surface Pro device in shrunken form with this Go device.

Though there are no accessories included and is less powerful than iPad, still it is best in this range with so much to offer with its design and features.

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