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The KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR is a kind of BSOD (Blue Screen of death) which indicates that there has been an issue with the System PC which can be caused due to several reasons like- a virus, a hard disk error, poorly written device drivers, power supply issues or a failing RAM.

It has a bug-check value of 0x0000007A. This indicates that the Windows has had trouble reading from memory, both Dynamic Memory of your RAM or Hard Drive memory. This error has also been reported to be caused by incompatible DLL or bugs in the Operating System (OS). So if you have faced such an issue, you might be able to solve it by following the methods mentioned in the article.

1.Check For Corrupted Hard Drive By The CHKDSK/F Command

To do this open the start menu and go to the CMD (Command Prompt) and a popup will open there. There type in ‘CHKDSK /F.’ After this press Enter and it will be done. You will be able to see if there is any Hard disk drive error in your system. 

2. Run A Windows Automatic Repair In Your PC

Go to the Start Menu>PC settings or directly go to PC settings. There click on Troubleshoot and after opening it click on Advanced Options. Then click ‘Automatic Repair’ and wait for a few moments while the process is done. This will fix or show you any problems that it has detected in your system.

3. Fixing By The Registry Cleaner

You can also fix this by using the registry cleaner from any registry cleaner software. Using a registry cleaner solves any such problems many times.

4. Fix by cleaning Temporary Unwanted files

To do this, open the start menu and search for the Disk Cleanup. Click on it and then choose which disks and files you want to clean up and click OK. This will take a few seconds, and your system disks will be freed up from unwanted files.

5. Delete the Temporary Files Folder

Go to the Start Menu>My-Computerand right click on it. Now select the driver and then select Properties. Click on the Tools option and click on Check Now for checking any error that it is having. After completing close all tabs.

6. Update Your Windows Drivers

Open Start Menu>Control Panel>scroll down and find the ‘Windows Update’ and click on ‘Check for updates.’ If there are any updates available, update it as soon as possible. This will install the latest patch of Windows on your PC and security updates. If you want the system to update automatically, then you must click on ‘Install Updates Automatically’ and save the changes.

There is also an alternative to this- From Start menu, go>Control Panel>Device Manager. Open it and look for error sign after any driver. If anyone has it then right clicks on it and clicks on ‘Update Driver Software.’  Wait for a few moment, and the driver will be updated.

7. Check For Any Hardware Failure Issue

From Start Menu, go to Run and type ‘mdsched.exe’ in the command box there and press “enter.” After this wait a few moment, and it will look for any hardware related issue in your system.

8. Boot Your Windows PC In Safe Mode

Open Start Menu>click on Shut Down drop menu and select Restart. Now remove your battery and reinsert it and start your computer again. Then you will see the option of restarting the system into Safe Mode, click on it. Wait for a few minutes, and it will be done. Running the windows in safe mode resolves such errors.

9.  Run Windows Memory Diagnostic

Go to Start Menu>Windows Memory Diagnostic, then choose ‘Restart Now and check for Problems.’ This will take a few minutes before it boots up again.

So, these are the few easy but effective way of solving KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR error in your Windows PC.

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