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5 Rules You Need to Learn From the Top Entrepreneurs



An entrepreneur is one who unlike the general masses refuses to work under someone. The entrepreneur is self employed and works alone or with a team to create and grow something that he believes in. To be an entrepreneur is not so easy; you need to give up the safety and security of your 5×7 job and work for no set period of time, for days on end, to make your dream into a reality and your vision into a success.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you should learn something before just going head on to achieve your dreams because sometimes the “jump back on your horse approach” doesn’t go so well. Sometimes, you need to stop and retrospect why you fell off in the first place. So before you dive into your work and chase your dreams and goals here’s some things that you can and need to learn from the top and the most successful entrepreneurs out there.

#1. Be Persistent

If you are trying to do something and it appears to hard, or boring or maybe you are meeting with failure again and again, you need to keep on persisting in order to succeed.

In the words of Vinod Khosla, an Indian-born billionaire, “with enough persistence, most things that seem impossible, become possible.”

Lin Manuel Miranda, an American writer, composer, writer and rapper, says that even if he is tired and wants to give up at sometime when he is doing something, he pushes through it as he doesn’t want the idea to remain stuck in his head.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook faced quite a number of setbacks when he started out on his endeavor. But if he wasn’t persistent, you wouldn’t have Facebook, would you? Same can be said about Steve Jobs. Jobs had a vision and even after getting rejected again and again, he didn’t quit. Even when he was ousted from his company, he held on to his dream and his never-ending persistence, brought him to win back his company “Apple”.

Procrastination is completely out of the question. If you are a procrastinator, I understand your problem but you must understand that your life is in your hands. Watch some self help videos; there are a ton of them in YouTube or use some of these apps to stop your procrastinating habit.

#2. Be Patient

Patience is the key. Not always, will your hard works be rewarded immediately. Sometimes, you will toil for hours on end and will be met by no positive result or feedback whatsoever. Sometimes, the breakthrough won’t  come after you finish a major project or something like that. At those times, you need to hold on and not give up on your dreams, but keep on working to realize your dreams.

Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet, put in an extreme amount of work everyday for four years without any break to succeed building his company Microsoft. He didn’t achieve any major breakthrough within the four years but after such a big time span. It was his patience that made his net worth $89.9 billion as of today.

#3. Read a Lot

Now, as an entrepreneur, before you go running after your ambitions you need to be prepared and plan for the future. For that, you need to read a lot.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are both quite big advocacies of this rule. In fact according to Bill Gates, he spends two weeks every year just reading and is not bothered by any other distractions on or about his company at that time.

Warren Buffet also spends about four hours daily reading. As such, reading a lot is very important for success and maintaining your success as an entrepreneur.

#4. Sleep Well and Work Out

As an entrepreneur, it is understandable if you are bubbling with energy and want to put in as much work as you can for your work. However it is equally important that you sleep well and work out everyday without fail. Not sleeping well, that is spending less that 8 hours daily sleeping can raise your stress hormone and diminish the quality of your daily work.

According to Neil Patel, the founder of the three companies- QuickSprout, KISSMetrics and Neil Patel, when he started out, he would sleep around five hours daily and this soon resulted him making bad decisions, and deteriorated his daily work output.

In fact, If you try to save time by cutting out sleep, most chances are that you will lose on even more of the time you saved throughout the day. While several self-help videos may say that you need to work hard to achieve your dreams and may advice you to cut on your sleep, it is more harmful than it is beneficial to cut out on your sleep. For a good sleep, read this, Sleep Number bed reviews.

Apart from that working out is another key factor that you need to incorporate into your daily routine. Working out actually increases your mental agility and makes you more productive throughout the whole day. If you can, it would be best to work out the first thing in the morning. Doing that helps decrease laziness throughout the day and helps you think better and do stuff more efficiently.

#5. Analyse your Failures

Garry Kasporov, the undefeated world chess champion believes that to succeed you need to analyse your failures because if you don’t, the same reason you failed at the first time may be the reason you fail yet again.



Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko also believes that he wasted quite a lot of time encountering failures as an entrepreneur because he did not analyse his failures. This resulted him in making the same mistakes again and again and prevented him from taking the right decisions at the right time.


These five golden rules are followed by almost all top entrepreneurs out there. If you follow these, you can ensure success into your daily life and make everyday matter in your life as an entrepreneur.

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