Common Wrong Uses of Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

You might have heard of the old saying that you should use the right tool to complete the right job. It means that if a device is used for its intended purpose then it will lead better

Supporting The Customer Data Base Of The World’s Biggest Furniture Retailer

The work of Intectics is conducting the support of the operational database (ODB) that helps in managing the loyalty program of the customers of the world’s biggest furniture retailer. It also helps in synchronising the data according

How to Optimize Your Pricing in a Competitive Market

When you are of many providers available in your marketplace, how do you know what price point you should set for your products or services? Competition is something every business owner is worried about and that often

4 Strategies for Marketing Unusual Businesses

You might find it hard to believe that businesses like cat cafes, synthetic wishbones, and head lice removal have anything in common. They’re unusual enterprises that cater to specific audiences. Marketing for businesses like these is difficult.

Everything You Need to Know about Digital Assets

Digital assets refer to all assets that have a binary format and come with a right to use. They can refer to all types of digital documents and content that can be stored on digital devices. For

Trends of Management Industry in 2018

Running a business today seems to be a lot more challenging than what it used to be in the past. There are a lot of forces and factors that affect the way business operations are executed. While

6 Practical Tips on How to Develop a Startup Business

You must have never heard a phrase, ‘Kids, now you are going to learn how to develop a startup business.’ And that is not surprising at all! Starting your business is not what you are taught at

7 Basic Ethics/Values Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Good entrepreneurship needs more than a person with a creative idea; it also involves an understanding of ethical business practices. Most entrepreneurs wish to do the ethically right thing for their businesses but are unsure of what

Why Your Business Should Invest in Its Network

Modern businesses are often dependent upon a centralized IT network. Unfortunately, too many workers are faced with slow and unreliable services. It doesn’t need to be this way! Here’s why you should always make sure to invest

Real-Time Data Analytics Allow Retail Enterprises to Do Better Business

It’s high time for both traditional brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce outfits to modernize and fine-tune the way they do business. With every new wave of technology also comes new challenges to fulfilling customer needs. The case is

Оnline Education: How To Find The Best Tutоr on the Web?

Оnline Education is a significant trend of the XXI century. It is gaining popularity day by day. How to find a perfect tutоr or reliable оnline servicе which provides professional tutоrs? Where should you pay attention when

3 Best Marketing Tools worth Your Investment

You have probably heard that for efficient online marketing, you need to have the right tools. The underlying question remains, what are the best tools worth an investment? This is because, in today’s market, all tools are