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Howdy! ZedZoom is launching with extra ordinary digital services to help you build, promote and monetize your brand, eCommerce store or a blog.Every service that we offer is aimed to help you bring your business to your perspective customers, your blog to your target readers and your eCommerce store to your perspective buyers.

Gone are the days when you could grow and survive over internet as a brand even without a responsive website. The scenario of digital world has changed over the past few years. Having a good looking website is not enough in the present competitive digital market. You have to be quick and friendly (for your users) to gain and keep the attention and interest of your customers.

Buffering your Business


We do not only take the responsibility to design a good looking robust website but also to promote you over internet using social media, advertising outreach and influencer marketing as well.

With a team of well-versed growth hackers, bloggers and outreach ninjas, we stand to give you a hand and save an arm and a leg of your marketing and development budget.

What we have to offer?

Not just web design, we do everything to boost up the visibility and credibility of your business over internet. We are steps ahead from the street design companies.

Web Design

We start from installing wordpress on your domain with a premium web hosting server, pass through optimization and customization. Then we bake content that represents your business on web and send it to design team. We have been doing A/B testing of the design to see what works and what does not for different niches and that’s why what we make is loved by your customers.

Content Marketing and Writing

You personally meet people over internet? No

But the static content on the website does communicate with the audience and that’s everything you can rely upon. So, even when you are sleeping, a strong base of content is there to convince your customers and take interest in your business.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is for those who need quick traction through social media and outreach methods. Our qualified growth hackers have been helping startups to build brand recognition in the market.

Growth hacking results in the quickest growth of business like jumping from 1st step of the ladder to the 10th in a single move.

delivery-1417310_640Well, a picture says a thousand words. If you are trying to share the story of your brand or want to increase awareness about a particular product, there is no better way than using a Whiteboard Video. They are creative, they are out of the box and they are fun! And this is exactly why we love to make so much. Our expert animators have superlative skills with a highly creative bend of mind.

We offer you the most affordable and high quality whiteboard video services in the market. We understand your requirements and create videos to suit your particular need. Our experts offer extensive support and create unique story line to share your story. So, if you want your story told with a punch of fun, contact our expert animators now!

Social Media today is the most powerful medium for promoting any business. Your customers are out there, so you’ll have to be there too. We under the nature of your business and do extensive market research to understand and profile your target customers. These data are then used to create powerful and measurable social media campaigns.

We create effective social media marketing plan within your budget. Every business is different and thus its needs are also varied. We understand this point and thus offer customised social media marketing plan for your business. It is affordable, effective and measurable! So, contact us now to harness the power of social media.

We understand your business. Here, we offer comprehensive and measurable Search Engine Optimisation service for your website. Our SEO services are completely transparent and ethical; we care for your reputation! The SEO services offered by us work on Keyword listing, Link building, listing local elements etc. To top it all, our SEO service is amazingly affordable. We offer tailor made service for your business. So, no matter the size of your business, we’ll get a suitable SEO package from us.

Our SEO team is fully dedicated and offer round the clock services to your business. The SEO experts working with us comes with years of experience and expertise; so you can be assured that your business is in right hand. To see your website on the top ranking and grow your business, contact us now!

We believe content is king! We are a bunch of grammar Nazis who have a passion for written words. So, when you are opting for our content writing services, you’ll receive the very best. No matter what you want to get written; our expert content spinners can write on a whole range of topics. Starting from Academic writing, technological writing, blog writing or product review; as long as you require witty, interesting, informative and effective content, you’ll take up the challenge.

Our content team comprise of highly qualifies expert writers who have years of writing experience behind them. We take pride on timely delivery of our projects and top notch quality of written articles. We offer affordable rates for all our content writing services too. So, if you want anything written, contact us now!

Search engine optimization and marketing

Search Engine Optimization being the need of the hour has become the blood to a website’s body to run smoothly. We find the best profitable keyword for your business that bring bucks for you and rank them for it.

  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Web 2.0 and Article Submission

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