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Youtube Post Production Service or Post-Production Houses Los Angeles Service: Which one to Choose?



The internet is great. I don’t think anyone could argue against that. The internet has literally made millions of people free from ever having a 9 to 5 job or having to work with toxic employees or a boss from hell.

Yeah, to reiterate, the internet is excellent.

So I would like to posit this question and maybe broaden your horizon in the field of post-production work.

Is it better to work for a Post Production Company or would it be better to work for a Youtube Channel?

This may very well seem like an uncanny question to ask.


Youtube is the SECOND largest search engine on the internet. With that said, there are billions of people who watch youtube. There are millions of Youtube channels. There are millions of people who need post-production services.

So why… why not enter into your own post-production services versus a Post-production houses Los Angeles service?

Well, that is precisely what we aim to answer in this article as there are both pros and cons to both of these endeavors.

Youtube Post Production Service or Post-Production Los Angeles Service: Which To Choose?

# 1 – Youtube Or Company: Steady Income

Argument For The Post Production Job:

There is little doubt why most people choose a job over freelancing or being an entrepreneur – and the reason is consistency. With a job, you will be paid consistently. You know that you have that money coming to you…as long as you fall in line with the company and make sure not to rub people the wrong way.

Aside from that subtle jab (if you didn’t catch it) a job does offer that financial security. Not only do you get paid but you can also hone your skills at the same time. There is also the potential to move up in a company.

So there are many benefits from getting a job in the post-production company.

Argument For Youtube:

Freelancing is a great way to earn money…well, at least when you have clients. Yes, this is one of the major issues about freelancing. You have to have clients, or you will not get paid. Elementary logic.

However, in freelancing you not only set your own hours, have your own way (you can negotiate prices), but you also become more professional. You will begin to notice that as a freelancer that you will want more for yourself.

What do I mean?

As a freelancer with the number of clients you will start to acquire you may very well want to look into starting your own company. This is a possibility for both. However, as a freelancer, you will develop that self-disciple that is needed to run a successful company.

# 2 – Youtube Or Company: Work Is Always There

Argument For The Post Production Job:

To piggyback off of our last entry. Work will always be there as long as you comply with the companies rules and standards. That financial security is without a doubt one of the most beneficial aspects of having a job.

This isn’t another jab.

Knowing that you have a job and not having to seek work is much less stressful, and in the end, the pay is not TOO bad (too bad being the operative words here).

Argument For Youtube:

With your Youtube services, especially if you are starting out, you will have to have a price that is reasonable. What we mean is that there is no way you can start out asking for the highest rate you can think of.

People need to see links to works you have actually produce.

It is best to start out at a range that is comfortable for both of you. The best thing about freelancing is that as you look for more clients, you will stumble upon a few who will be more than willing to pay you at the price YOU think you are worth it.

You can’t get this with a  job.

# 3 – Youtube Or Company: Enjoyability

Argument For The Post Production Job:

There can be an argument while working in a post-production company you will meet fascinating celebrities and people. That is a possibility.

Furthermore, there are the events, gatherings, and parties that you can also experience. So if you are a person who loves this whole lifestyle, then this may very well be what you are looking for. Having a team behind you that works with you can also be a joyous experience.

Argument For Youtube:

Youtube stars are becoming as famous as movie stars. This is a reality as well. With Youtube, you may very well not have the grand events like a Hollywood event (but that will probably be a thing very soon), but you can still meet very interning people.

The popularity of Youtubers has been increasing and very soon the fame that movie stars have will transition over to Youtube (if that isn’t happening already).

As a matter of fact, there have been several YouTubers who have become quite popular in society and the world. Just look at the guy called “Pewdiepie.”

Final Thoughts

I am a firm believer that freelancing is the best way to do business. Moreover, with the internet being such an essential aspect of our lives nowadays – it would seem like a much better option. It is so easy to connect with people and so easy to build a business relationships.

With that said that is just MY opinion.

When it comes to YOUR professional career in life, I will not dare tell you what path to take. Both routes are both rewarding.

Equally? Well, that is subjective.

However, whatever decision you decide to take in your post-production decision-making process understand that both platforms provide significant benefits and both have their flaws.

It is up to you to decide which path you want to take.

Remember there is no failure in trying but great failure in never trying. So go out there and see which path best compliments your lifestyle.

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