Your Social Sharing Checklist For Facebook

Social sharing has always been regarded as a powerful tactic to promote your brand and services. In recent years due to evolution in marketing techniques, businesses are trying hard to push their services on social media to gain new customers.

Facebook has already turned into the biggest social platform. But do you know the tactics to convert your Facebook page followers into your potential buyers? Well I guess most of the companies out there really don’t have any idea about this thing.

The story behind this infographic:

Few days ago I met one of my childhood friends who is running an ecommerce website. The problem which he was facing was lack of engagement on company’s social media accounts, more specifically on its Facebook page. Like my friend most of the websites face the similar situations. But why? It might be possible that they have hired marketing firms which still use old school marketing tactics.

Here is the infographic, created by KOL Limited, which revolves around some of the best social sharing practices you can use to promote your brand through your Facebook Page.

your year long checklist for facebook




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