Yahoo Mail Update

Yahoo Mail Users will no Longer have to go through the 2-Level Authentication

Remembering passwords can be a daunting task for most people. With Yahoo and other web mail service providers enhancing their security features, it can also be quite difficult to recover your passwords.

This has forced many users to create new email accounts as they are unable to recover their old accounts. Yahoo, in such a perplexing scenario, has sought to make things easier for people who have difficulty remembering their passwords.

Because of the growing emphasis on security and especially due to the 2-level authentication system, user convenience is one segment for web mail service providers, which is taking a beating.

Yahoo has a new feature that will create a new password for you if you can’t remember yours. In its initial testing phase, the new system will send out SMS passwords to users.

Setting up a 2-level authentication is quite complicated for most users and many of them aren’t even opting for it. Yahoo’s new on-demand password system will be based only on the second factor – the mobile phone. Initially, the web giant is testing the SMS-only password system only in the United States.

But Yahoo will still require you to enter your Yahoo account and activate the on-demand passwords feature before you can take advantage of it. If you forget your password the next time when you login, use the “Send my Password” option when signing in and the site will send a 4-character code to your phone.

There are some online services which help users remember their passwords. But because of security concerns, most users don’t want to entrust their valuable information to these companies.

So users who have issues remembering their passwords can take advantage of the new feature from Yahoo, which will be available in a short while.

Gmail and other email users will however still have to stick to their 2-level authentication system, until these web services think of something similar to Yahoo’s new innovation.

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