How to Write High Quality Blog Post

How to Write High Quality Blog Post That Go Over 3000 Words

Since Google updated their algorithm, many pro bloggers focus on producing quality content because it’s only important way to daily with Google update — the most of articles that listed on 1st page are almost over 2,500 words length.

It’s not only Google, but your readers need high amount of quality information as well. According to personal experience, the most shared articles of my blog go over 2,000 words plus length.

Responding to this new changing, I’ve got a tip a called “How to Write High Quality Blog Post That Go Over 3000”. It’s not just only quality, but the tips focus on writing high quality article that go over 3,000 words with deeply discussion about any topic you’re going to write about.

How to Write High Quality Blog Post

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Anyway, have you ever write any article that go over 3,000 plus words length..?

You said “NO…”! I’m going to share you the detail step by step guides to write those kinds of contents.

Before, I’m going to write about my techniques for writing high quality blog post. I would like to say “thanks..!” to Ryan Buddish and CopyBloggers for sharing me a wonderful content for getting high quality writing.

I think that you may love these bellow articles

Today, you’re going to do bigger job by writing faster —I’m not going to tell about writing eBook in 30 days, or 5000 words weekly blog post but I’ll tell you about how to write 3000+ words, even over in every single day (If you love).

I think that my tips may not be a wonderful topics for any pro bloggers, eBook writers, or any journalists who expert at writing.

However, it would be benefit to any newbie bloggers, or intermediate bloggers who are trying to improve their quality writing.

What should you do to write such article longer like what I said above?

Actually, it depends on your writing speed. If you’re able to write 1000+ words per hours, you’ll be able to write 3000 to 4000 words in 3 hours.

In this article, I’ll teach you about how to spend 5 hours to write 3000+ words article with any topic you’re expertise.

You’ll learn to spend an hours for research topic, outline your content, and gathering resources for supporting your ideas.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to spend 3 hours for sitting down, and writing — I’m using 10/60 formula, it means that you’ll keep breaking 10 minutes in each hours.

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Finally, I’ll show you how to draft your article, and proofing errors to make sure that you’ll gain effect, and accurate working.

Here the bellows are the ways I write high quality blog post in just 5 hours working.

#1 — Research topics

Well, well…. To kick starting, you’ll have to think about what topics you’re expertise or what kind of tips you’re interesting, and what you want to write.


Sure, you may have to conduct to topics research about what specific topic you want to write, but if you owned any topic in your mind, and then you could skip this step (Recommended step #2).

So, how can you get idea, or to conduct topics research..?

Actually, it’s different from writing eBook because you have to know what exactly your readers want to read — if you write off the topics, your article will not be a high quality content.

Hence, whenever you want to write about, you have to keep mind on readers’ needs. I think that only your readers are able to tell you of those topics.

Why should you read this tips..?

Wait… I’ll in a comment

Another important fact that you have to keep in mind is that your article has to work for your business, I mean your niche — you have to keep relevant to your niche.

Example: If you’re focusing on entertainment niche, you may have to write popular music, how to enjoy music, and music related news. So, to focus on what you’re currently doing.

But what are the ways to conducts those researching..?

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Your blog, sure..! Your blog is first recommended source that you should consider about. You know..? Whenever, you published any topic on your blog, I believe that at you have fewer readers who visited, and read your post.

Some of those readers got question, or something that they misunderstand about your article. They leave their comments, and ask about what they are wondering, or thing that they want you to clear it for them.

I think that those comments are great ideas for coming up new blog topics, right..?

Aside from those blog’s comments, your previous topics are also important for getting new post ideas.

By the way, have you ever opened up your old post and read it..?

You know..? Anytime I opened my older post and reading, I always got some new ideas about my blog post because my brain was refreshed — I got new ideas to include into the post, or sometime I found some value concepts that I did not include in those posts.

Absolutely, You can go with what you missed in your previous posts…

Your Newsletters, often times you sent newsletter to your subscribers.

Have you ever added something that allows your readers to let you know about what they want..?

I found a lot of bloggers did the mistakes with newsletter — they just used it for sending products promotion, or news update topics, but they didn’t use it for getting feedbacks, or complaints about from their readers.

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Honestly, it’s really common, and easily to get new ideas from your readers through your newsletters. You just add some sentences at the end of your newsletters that provided opportunity to your readers in getting you some feedback, and opinion.

I used some short sentences such as “Thanks, value subscribers for keeping connect with us. We promise that we’ll provide you of our best work… If you have feedback, complaint, or any opinions you can let us know through this contact form”.  I’ve linked the above sentence with my contact form, and attached every newsletter I sent to my readers.

The above is not only single way that I used newsletter, but I always sent monthly survey to gathering feedback from my readers. I want to make sure that I’ve sent them of what they need.

Your Merchants, what niche are you currently working with, and have you ever keep update information from your merchants?

The updated information about your niche is really important for gathering new ideas to write high quality blog post.  Your readers are expecting about what new updating related their interesting information,  or expected products from your blog.

If you sent them what they are waiting for…, they’ll appreciate in reading your post. I’m sure about that.

It’s easily to keep update with those information from your merchants, you just subscribe to your merchants’ newsletters, so you’re able to get update from them.

Also, you can use Google to broad up bigger ideas about your niche such as using relevant keywords to conducts research more information.

Your community, absolutely blogger is a man in community — whatever you want to know, you have to keep in taught with your community people.


So, you have to keep update from other bloggers in your community — you have to subscribe those bloggers’ newsletters, and spend some times to read their posts, ask and comment on their blog.

You know, my friends..? Whenever you kept connect, and communicating with those blogger, the community discussion was created for you — those are biggest sources of ideas.

More head better than one head…

#2 — Outline your content

I assumed that you’re currently own a topic that you’re going to write about it. I’ll continue another step of writing high quality blog post.

Writing is like moving your house. You aren’t able to move all things inside your house in just one time, but you need to think about what to move first and how to move it.

Whatever, you want to write about. A long or simple short article with 500+ words, outline your content is simple step that you’ve got to do.

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By outlining your content, you can break your article into small piece of ideas, thus it’ll makes easier in write — you just think about small tip to write, but not for whole topic — you’ll know what to write each session.

There were many ways that you can use it for mapping your outlines, here the bellow are what I used it

Listing ideas, I put my topic on the top of paper, and I start thing about what to do in order to achieve goals of the topic.

I used 5W1H question to break down the topic into small ideas.

Example: If I want to write about “Content Marketing”. I try to think about

  • What ways I can do the content marketing
  • Where I can get starting
  • Who content marketing are related
  • Why it is important.
  • When I should do it
  • How I could it

I listed all ideas that I got about content marketing to support my topic, and then I group those ideas into small group.

I try to make those group of idea into headlines of my content, and make sure that those are killer headlines.

Finally, I think about what I should write in each session of my headlines.

Brainstorming, sometime I’ve got fewer ideas about outlining my topic. I admit that sometime I may less knowledge about it. I researched more information about my topic, and I look what are the most headlines that other bloggers mentioned about content marketing.

I listed those bloggers’ topics, and its outlines. I start brainstorming for new topics — I combined those outline. Sure, I copied other bloggers’ ideas, but not their content.

#3 — Gathering Resources

Gathering resources is really important to write high quality blog post. Imagine that you’re writing longer article, you have many related ideas, or case studies which you need to include in your tips for adding more values and support your ideas.

Gathering Resources

You don’t want to write so detail about those because it’ll make your article longer, maybe it’ll over 10,000 words, or over (It looks like eBook). Actually, you’re focusing on write 3,000 words plus article length, thus you content is limited by the amount of words.

You have to think about what you are going to write in each session, and what is estimated words that you’ll write in each session.

Whenever you decided to limit yourself with the amount of words, you’ll miss some value information related to your content.

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I believe that readers may not completely appreciate, or enjoy with your tips — they missed some information — yeah…they need those…

The solution is that you have to gather related resources, or information, and then provide it to your readers — I’m mentioning about using linking strategies (internal and external link).

So, what you have to do is that find related posts of your previous publishing, and other external resources.

You can use notepad or excel sheet to track the URLs, and title of the resources, and leave some comments about your resources such as where to place in it, or what anchor text to link it.

#4 — Sitting for writing

Bloggers have their own private habit when they want to write. Some bloggers love to write at the coffee shop (Me too), some bloggers love to write at home, and other some love to write… anywhere they love to.

Gathering Resources

Wherever you’re going to sit down, and start your writing, I want you to think about distraction of your work.

You know..? Some bloggers are not able to meet their deadline, and achieve accurate publishing schedule because they wrote their article in the mess, and distraction places.

They aren’t able to continue their writing because something affected their mind… and they have to move to other place — they lost their a lot of writing time, and skip today writing…

I hope that it’s not your problem while you’re writing quality content for your blog… but if it used to happen to you, I would recommend finding a suitable place.

Here some tip to leave distraction while you’re writing…

Go offline, whenever your notebook isn’t standing alone. It’s a distraction for your work, bloggers.

You know..? The most bloggers can’t keep writing because they connected to internet — many distractions such as email, social media messages, gambling, …and many other facts disturbed them to pull off their notebook.

I would recommend you to disconnect from internet, or you have to write your tips with white paper, and your pen. You have to turn off your phone, if possible to do that.

Where you sit, another distraction is the place where you sit down. My personal experience, sometime, I skipped writing because I was boring with some environments surround me.

Honestly, the most boring place is my house — the weather is really host and I have no air conditioner, TV sound, …and comedy movie pull me off, and then I close my notebook and enjoy my time. LOL

Where I love to write to avoid distraction, actually…?

Whenever I want to write any article, I always go to some fields which contain fresh air, natural place …and anywhere that I think it will make me freedom in living.

If you want to leave out of this distraction, you have to find somewhere else that make you fall in love with writing, and feel like relax with your work.

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#5 — Focus writing

Anyway, where are you from? It’d be great, if you came from US, UK, …and other western countries — I believe that English is not your problem.

I’m Kimsea, from Cambodia. English is a big issued for writing, sometime I stopped my writing because I think that my article is really mess.

Focus writing

You know..? Whenever, I was focusing on writing quality blog post I always wonder that if I made misspelling, or any grammar mistakes — I scrolled up, and check for errors.

Actually, you no need to care about those mistakes while you’re writing your blog tips. You know..? This’s monster mistake for none native writers, when they’re writing.

What you have to do is that you have to keep focus on writing, and continue it. Please do not scroll up, and down for finding your mistake.

You’ll not achieve your deadline, or it’ll make you feel uncomfortable with your writing. A single thing that you should keep in mind is that you have to continue your writing.

You have to stay focus on your writing, and you have to try your best to write it out — you have to think about what to write, instead of finding your mistakes.

If you wonder that you made a mistake of above sentences, you have to forget it. You’re going to back again and correct those next time.

Remembers, to keep focus on continue your writing — you’ll meet your deadline.

#6 — Draft your article

After you finished your writing, you please do not go back and reviewing your article. You know? You’ve done great job today.

You need to keep your brain relax, and you have finished to working.

But I want to write 3000 words plus a day, my not completely finished… You said.

No, you finished… I said.

I’d recommend calling your boy/girlfriend to go for a walk, or you can when out for taking some exercise because your body needs it.

The reason I asked to stop your work because I believe that your brain was very tired — it wants to take a rest.

If you keep continue you work, you’ll make mistakes, eventually.

The more you work, the more mistake you made.

What you have to do now is to save your tips as Word document or text files, if you used notebook. But if you use white paper, you have to keep it in a safety place.

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#7 — Adding values

I assumed that this’s one day after you saved your article, and you now have fully relax — Your brain is now refresh, and start over fully working capacity.

So, what you have to do now..?

Actually, I’m not going to advise you to correct your mistake like misspelling or grammar errors, but I’d ask you to go through your article.


You have to read it as fast as you can, and you need to find what ideas are missing, or not providing through your resources.

Also, you have to think about the relationship between each topic of your outlines to make sure that it connected between each session.

If it’s not, you have to restructure your outlines.

Also, if you want to add more information, you just do it because it is the best chance for you.

#8 — Proofing

This’s the finally step for writing quality blog post in my tips. It is proofing your content before you’re going to publish it on your blog.

Well, I’d recommend printing your article out from your notebook, or you need to view in PDF reading mode.

You have to read each sentence entire your article slowly, and find out any misspelling or free grammar errors.

However, even you need to proof your content, but please do not do more than double checking because you will make mistake after reading your article multi times — I’ve got experience with this, I think maybe I feel uncomfortable, or I was complicated of grammar.

Another, recommendation is that do not add any more ideas to your blog post because you ready did this at the step #7.

If you try to do this, you’ll make additional misspelling or grammar.

You know..? Whenever, you read your article again I believe that you always have new ideas that you want add to your content — your article will never finish, if you continue edit it.

…but those ideas are really important, and useful. You said.

Okay, you can note down those ideas, and make it as coming up blog post in next publishing schedule.

I don’t think that it’ll be late, if you provide support ideas next time.

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Writing  quality blog post is really hardest work for newbie bloggers, especially if you’re none native English writer like me.

I know…even it is very hard working for you, but you could not avoid this hard working — your blog needs it.

You’ve got to spend your times for research upcoming blog ideas, especially gathering resources to support those what you wrote.

Moreover, you have to keep connect with your readers in order to know about what they want to read.

Blogging is too much similar to doing marketing your business, you have to put your head under customers’ shoes — you have to know about what exactly they want to from your blog.

It is easy to make mistake, but it is really really hard to find out the mistakes in your article.

Every time you finished your writing, you have to make sure that you’ve written a highly classified quality content — you have to proof, or hire some to do it for you.

I believe that it’s really hard work for none native English bloggers to write high quality blog post that go over 3000 words without any mistakes, or free grammar errors.

Hence, you have to keep focus on your writing. I believe that you will be improved by the way you go for it.

Honestly, I got a lot of complaint about my blog post…. Sure, I did misspelling and grammar errors.

I’m not going to disappointed with those negative comments from my readers, but I recognize that those are what to improve my writing skill — I love to readers those negative comments, and revise my post.

Do me a favor

Actually, I write this article because I want to share some readers about how produce quality content, even they are none native English blogger.

I want to give them some motivation to move on with blogging.

You know..? I’m a low English education blogger, writing and blogging is really hardest work in my life — I got a lot of complaint about my article after published my article.

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I want to share some techniques that those I used for improving my writing and blogging skills, and I hope those experience would help any newbie, or none native English blogger to improve their writing as well.

So, if you like what I wrote in this article. Would you please do me a favor by spread this useful information to your friends.

I hope that they’ll learn, and benefit from this article like you.


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    I like it how you have formatted this article. Out lining is important, that is how you break down the article into various sections and then going in detail for every section. That way – you speed up the process.

    Would also suggest to put a small but actionable list based resource in a section – that way it becomes more readable and the content gets bigger too.

    I do save drafts and finish longer articles in time – that way you get to add more value to the article as well. It is easy to miss details when you finish an article in one sitting, but when you do it over time, you get to add more details.

  36. Shobha, thanks for your comments…

    Not only you, but I saw lots of bloggers tried to keep their article from 800 or less. However, I would recommend to make it longer because the longer article helps to list higher, especially readers more love it…

    I went Google, and other search engines. I found most of top article are more quality. You know..? search engines is now a clever search engine, the use conversion rate to rank over article on the list…

    So, the longer article with friendly optimization may help you to do so…

    thanks for reading..

  37. Hi there, I agree with all your valuable points, Writing a high quality blog post with over 3000 words helps bloggers to get higher rank in SERP. Usually i write articles with 500 – 700 words only and i will try it in the future.