WordPress.Org Vs WordPress.com

Decided to set up your WordPress blog? Do you feel you are at the threshold of getting baffled? It seems a little challenging but not actually.Getting a hang of the notable differences between the two, WordPress.org and WordPress.com, would just be enough to make the right choice.

Ask these simple questions to yourself for easy decision making –

  1. Are you the one, who runs your own show, have any subordinates, technical expertise that can act us blog administrator from time to time?
  2. Do you wish to play with different themes, like to do a bit of customization and add plugins frequently?
  3. Worry about site documentation and backup of your data? Like to have a master key with you at all times?
  4. Have a tendency to trade-in every season by placing ads and banners on your site?

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Go for WordPress.org if you answer ‘Yes’ to most of the above.

WordPress.com has other side to its services. You can subscribe to its default structure but it encourages you to shell out an additional penny every time you have a request out of the box.

It is suitable for individuals and entities that have too many things but too little time.Hosting and domain management goes to WordPress.com. Any and all maintenance is their headache too. Hardly any technical control and limited choice for themes and no plugins even. Even for running any ads, you would have to upgrade to their plans.A glance at the following infographic would further make it easier for you to understand. Take a look –