Wix – Your One-Stop Website Designing Platform

Wix’s tagline aptly says that “it all starts with your stunning website.” Whether you have a business, a professional practice or a personal pursuit, in today’s world you cannot go far without a website. And it has to be a great one too!

Wix is an easy-to-use platform that helps you Build a website. And this review explores the key features why it is already so popular and why you should also be using it.

Wix is not just easy to use, it is also free to use. That gives you a big reason to start using it to create your websites and blogs.

Key Features

Here is a list of key features that make Wix special for your web designing needs:

WIX Editor

  • Drag-and-Drop Designing: Wix’s easy-to-use Editor allows you to create a custom website without any previous experience. There is no need to do any coding and when it comes to designing, you don’t have to have any experience with designing tools. Use templates – its quick and simple and anyone with basic IT skills can do it.
  • Templates & Images: Wix offers a templates gallery of more than 500. All templates are professionally designed and cover all the different categories. Then there is access to millions of elegant stock images and an easy-to-use Image Editor. You can edit images, retouch them and enhance them. There are over 40 galleries allow you to display those images.
  • Mobile-Ready: All websites and blogs you design using Wix are mobile-ready. This helps ensure that your website is going to rank higher and will render elegantly on all your potential users’ devices.
  • Free Hosting: Not many web design and development services out there offer free hosting. Wix does it and with a trust seal of reliability. The hosting is reputed and your website will be safe and secure.
  • Videos & 3D Effects: Wix is easy-to-use and simple, but it is not simple in terms of the effects you can create. You can add a video background to your homepage. There is a collection of unique and free videos too, but you may also upload your own videos. You can also add the 3D parallax effect to your site.
  • Single/Multi-Page Websites: Create a single-page site or a multi-page site with ease. Templates are available for both types of sites. Whether you are a professional running a one-man office or a large company, Wix allows everyone to have their website.
  • Your Own Domain Name: Yes, you can also have your custom domain.
  • Create Controlled Access: Wix even lets you create private web pages which can be protected with passwords. Let only your employees, sales teams or clients access those web pages.

Wix also has options for advanced users. If you want to embed your HTML code, you can do it. If you want to enhance your site’s functions, you can use the simple text edit window.

Create Your Online Store

WIX online store

This platform also provides you all the tools to create your own online store – with payment processing options and security features – everything you need to run a successful ecommerce store.

  • Choose from professionally-designed templates to create your own online store without any help.
  • Manage everything from one place – your orders, payments, promotions, and shipping.
  • Get total control over how you receive payments – credit cards, PayPal, offline payments or other options. Wix provides a safe and secure ecommerce environment.
  • Mobile-ready stores allowing your customers to buy anywhere, anytime with just a few taps on their mobile device.
  • Set shipping and tax rules for any destination on the planet. That’s unmatched flexibility.

Create Stunning Blogs

People create blogs for all kinds of purposes. No matter what your goal with your blog is, Wix also allows you to create elegant and custom blogs.

You can also promote your blog using a wide range of Facebook tools. It also allows you to add social buttons to grow your audience.

Wix’s services don’t just stop at websites, blogs and online stores. You can also use the power of apps to boost your business growth. Wix Touch is a powerful feature that lets you create an app once you have designed your ecommerce store – and it takes just a click to create this app.

There are many more additional features that make this website designing platform special:

  • Add an Anchor Menu that stays fixed on your webpage.
  • You can also pin different types of elements to the screen so that visitors can see them even when scrolling.
  • Add strips having text, videos or other content and have them move around.
  • Add your own audio or video and create a unique experience on your website.

Wix also provides you with tools like Site Analytics, Contact Manager, SEO Wizard and Mailbox to boost your business.


If you are thinking that creating a website, blog or online store is something hard and needs professional help, you are wrong. It is also not unaffordable to have advanced features. It is easy-to-use almost anyone can Build a website. It also provides you with all the features and tools you will require.

Wix has already built a solid reputation in the industry and is gaining more users by the day. If you are looking to create a feature-laden website with just the right package for your audience, no matter the size of your business, this is the right platform for best ecommerce website builder.

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