SEO techniques 2014

Will SEO Go for a Spin in 2014?

With businesses and individuals making the web their standard workspace, the significance of SEO has spiked considerably. The vibrant and ever-changing nature of SEO has worked well for some, while others have been put out of business because of it. Though some of SEO tweaking have been grossly overstated, it is indeed a fact that SEO is the main tool for your success. After the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird wave, let us have a look at what 2014 holds in store for SEO.

What Next on SEO


Features that have Become Extinct


Spinning Content

The practice of taking up content already present and spinning them using software so they look unique and different has been going on for a long time. But with restrictions like Panda, this practice is not that easy anymore. Even if some do manage to do it, it will in the end hurt the rankings certainly. This is one SEO tactic that has seen its end in 2014.

Spamming Sites with Multiple Links

Though it is not an ethical SEO practice, the use of automated methods to produce numerous back links has been going on for some time. But 2014 will see this fade away as people start realizing that it doesn’t work anymore except to put their site out of business. Spamming - Multi Links

Link Buying

Availing the services of back link networks to buy links for your site is not that easy now with the Google algorithms that keep surprising site owners constantly. Over the long term, you need to realize that these do not work in your favor. Another reason is that instead of spending money on buying the links, you can get an organic one by having some influential guest blogging done on your site or you can go one step further and hire the bloggers and take over the blog. This gets you rankings and also a readymade audience who already exist for the blog. This is a valuable and good inbound strategy in marketing and is considered ethical too.

Press release Debacle

The practice of press release submission with each and every blog post was quite a rage in 2012 and 2013. But after Google had exerted its control over the process, it faces extinction in 2014 though press releases still work well, when used for genuinely important events.

Areas Where You Need to Tread Carefully

There are certain tactics that can turn out to be counterproductive when not done in proper way. These include:
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Inferior Quality Guest Posting

It has been predicted that a new update is to be launched to focus on the low quality guest posting which results in links that are placed just for the sake of the ranking in the search results or to manipulate the ranking to be banned. Legitimate guest posts definitely get noticed and should be more concentrated on.

Site wide Links

Though many are wary of the site wide links, as they are mostly looked upon as spam content, if they are received in a natural manner, your site will surely benefit you with increased exposure and higher rankings. Since the effect of these links is the same as a link in a blog post, too much effort over it is not necessary.

Quality Content

Though Panda has limited the content spinning to a great extent, Humminbird’s focus on generality and letting go of the specifics is certainly a point to note, while creating content. According to Google guidelines, quality content is that which meets the users’ needs appropriately. This has resulted in reduced demand for unexploited keywords and forming of content around these words. This will bring back the need for risk filled link building strategies, which does not bode well for the ranking.

New and Improved SEO Techniques in 2014

SEO techniques 2014

Responsive Web Design

If your website is not tweaked for mobile use, you stand to lose a lot. The rise of Facebook indicates the significance of mobiles and tablets over laptops. A website that cannot be viewed on a mobile without adjustments can frustrate the user beyond imagination. Though the mobile friendly design has better layout and improves ROI, it has drawbacks like disrupted website because of wrong codes and loss in page rank due to improper canonical url use.

Impact of Social Media Optimization

The emerging importance of social media presence cannot be belittled. If you consider the level of exposure that these social platforms have brought about, they are certainly the best SEO strategy you can use. With so many platforms, it is easy to get followers and become viral. With the power to boost traffic to a great extent, and increase influence and authority, the social media can also cause your downfall, if you are not careful. Finding the right platform from various options is difficult too.

Content Marketing

Regardless of the new tools and methods, SEO still revolves around content marketing. You need to create good content and market it too. Though quality matters, the marketing should be a step higher, if you want it to reach the target audience. The only drawback is the expense of outsourcing you need to do and the analytics involved which can eat up your time.

Useful Black Hat SEO

With millions of blogs spread out on the web, you cannot term an article or a topic as original.  To do well in SEO in 2014, you should pick out the keywords and articles that your competitors are using and try to outdo it. By ensuring quality, innovativeness, and timing in the content, you can make it work excellently. Black hat SEO has the potential to give you more if you start thinking futuristically, but you also stand the risk of getting penalized, if the necessary skill and know-how is not present.

Author Rank

Author rank will be considered at par with the page rank soon and website will be graded based on the authors who contributed to it. This is a much more powerful tool and tough to crack by the spammers. With newer restriction being expected from the search engines in 2014, taking up cleaner, fresh, and user-friendly techniques will benefit you more than any underhanded and short-cut methods can possibly do.

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  1. I think SEO has changed in 2014. It is now a bit more Social Media SEO Because all those chiky tricks to get backlinks are dead.

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