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Why you need more followers on Instagram



Do you like sharing photos and videos online? If yes, then the best platform for you is Instagram, a social network that’s all about images and video sharing.

Instagram is massively popular after Facebook by reaching 800 million users and counting as am writing this piece.

Just like other social media platforms, you need to follow people on Instagram in order to access their news feed and photos. This also allows them to follow you back in order to see your photos.

Whom to follow

People tend to follow someone they think is interesting and engage with his/her followers regularly on Instagram.

Going by these trends, one needs to build a social following in order to establish a huge social presence in social media.

Social media will tend to judge you by the number of following you command. More than often, young people tend to follow someone with a huge following on social media because the said person has a huge following. Such people attract huge followers by the fact that they command respect, attention and leadership in society.

Social image

Social image

People will tend to trust what you say when you command a huge following on Instagram. Various factors, however, contribute to building a social image.

For females, most followers may tend to gravitate towards beauty and cleverness as a measure on how many followers you can get. If you are not endowed with beauty or rather ugly, you will be lucky to have a bunch of followers.

In men, the main factors contributing to building a successful social image is being rich and powerful. Most celebrities command a huge following on Instagram because people tend to associate power and authority to huge numbers of followers on Instagram.

People will tend to listen to you or do what you say when you command a huge number of followers on Instagram. Your opinions and thoughts are more valued than others with fewer followers on social media.

Now that you understand why commanding a huge following is important in society and in the advertising sector, you can use resources like buy 1000 likes with discount to try and increase the number of likes you command in social media.

Engage followers on Instagram

Engage followers on Instagram

One way of engaging with many Instagram followers is by choosing a niche topic. A topic that resonates well with your target audience.

Go into topics that are less competitive like creating hashtags on body fitness news, travel and beauty.

Most people want news feeds, photos and videos that educate on matters that affect them directly. A good example is that obesity has become a societal problem because people are eating more while exercising less. By creating and sharing photos and videos on Instagram that relate to fitness programs, you will engage your active followers. This will also help you increase more followers since the videos are widely shared to reach the target audience.

These topics are the most popular and may be associated with a huge following on Instagram or on any other social media platforms.

How huge following is beneficial

As alluded to earlier, huge followings have the bright side on Instagram. You will not only command a leadership and authority figure but also get noticed by the business community. In business, a huge following translates to a huge customer target.

It means your followers can be your customers and their followers can also be your customers since a business product can be shared across your followers and act as a means of advertising to your followers.

Some of the benefits of advertising on Instagram include

  1. More users

advertising on Instagram

Instagram has reached about 800 million users and still counting. So there is a huge target market amongst your followers and their followers on this platform. Most Instagram ads are non-intrusive and less likely to annoy your target audience.

  1. Rate of engagement

Most people tend to use their smartphones to read stories and engage their followers on Instagram socialize and update their timelines. Instagram has the highest engagement rate than any other platform available.

  1. Very effective

It is less time consuming to advertise on Instagram since you can post photos and videos anytime anywhere.  The times when advertising relied on referral marketing where customers would spread the word to other potential clients in the same town or community is slowly fading away.

  1. No limits in advertising

The internet makes it easier for everyone to advertise. If you choose the right platform and the right audience to address, success is around the corner.

These benefits of advertising on Instagram are related to having a huge following. A huge following translates to having a huge audience or let me put this way, a huge customer base in business.

If you command a following, business people approach you to market their products on Instagram and in return you are paid dividends for advertising their products.


Ease of use


Instagram is a leading multimedia channel because it is visual. This explains why it has become so successful. Most people react better to what they can see.

The target audience needs images and videos of the stuff as opposed to texts and slogans in advertising.

People need to see, hear and learn more but their time is limited. You need to deliver messages fast and very clear to the target audience so that you can attract clients.

Instagram became popular because it had the ability to access visual images and its ease of access to the general public.

Bottom line

There is a direct line between having or commanding a huge following on Instagram and marketing. With a huge following, people tend to appreciate and copy what you do.

You can turn this into your advantage and market products for various companies, in turn, you attract more followers and earn a living at the same time on social media.

Establish a social media presence on Instagram by regularly updating your timeline and creating hashtags so that your captions can trend and more people will follow you in turn.

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