Why it’s worth Moving to VPS from Shared Hosting!!

Well, Most of us, whose websites are driving decent traffic, are confused over, a common, but not very common question 😛 , Hehe, Confused?

Let me explain there is one common query among people who own websites having decent traffic, they always are confused about, whether they should move to VPS or stay with Shared Hosting.

And the most makes the same mistake, they stay with Shared Hosting, which is not the right decision, specially, when you are constantly growing your blog’s traffic.

But most of them, are not aware of the disadvantages, they could go through by using Shared Web Hosting.

So, here in this post, I am going to list the points, which will explain, Why it’s worth Moving to VPS from Shared Hosting!!

But before going on, I suppose, your website is having some kinda good traffic.

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Moving to VPS hosting from Shared Hosting

Server Speed                                       

The Speed matters a lot, with Google considering it as one of the ranking factors, it can result in loss of rankings by few positions, if your site is taking more time than the average one taken by sites on the first page.

Although it would be a very minor loss, but still, it’s not good.

So, VPS Hosting is good, when it comes to server speed, especially when compared to Shared Hosting, which can cause your website load considerably slow, but it will not happen with VPS, generally Good VPS Providers like LiquidWeb, Hostgator can certainly help you decrease the loading time of your site.

So, this is the first reason, why you should choose Virtual Private Servers over shared servers.

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Reliability and Stability

The Next thing, which you need to consider, is, whether you can really rely on Shared Hosting? Does it provide Stability?

Of Course! Not!!

Because Shared Hosting cannot provide you the resources, which are needed to provide stability to a well running website. In majority times, you will face downtime, which is not a good thing and will never be.

Also, you don’t have much power over your hosting, you don’t have root access, which is important to handle websites with high traffic.

So, there is no way a shared hosting plan can be reliable, unless pretty small websites or personal sites are hosted on it.

But, VPS hosting fulfill all your needs as it provides a number of benefits. You will get root access and also the maximum uptime, which means, you will not lose any visitors due to downtime problems.

Along with this, there are many other problems, which will never come on your road of success, whiles using VPS and to get the maximum out of VPS, go for LiquidWeb using Liquid Web VPS Discount Coupon or for Hostgator using the best deal of the year “Hostgator Black Friday“, which will help you get maximum possible discount.

Better Security

I don’t think, it needs to be explained, it’s very obvious thing, that VPS servers will give you more security when compared to shared servers, where someone else mistake can prove costly for all websites hosted on the same server.

So, if you want better security for your website, then you must go for VPS.

Extra Benefits

  • Full Control
  • Easy Scalability
  • Cost Effective
  • Great Maintenance

Now, these are the factors, which make VPS worth moving from your old Shared Hosting!!

So, what you are waiting for?

Grab your Virtual private Server (VPS) Now!!

And if you have any query, feel free to shoot it via comments.