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Why & How to Resolve YouTube Black Screen & Sound Browser Background Error



How to Resolve YouTube Black Screen

Some people use YouTube for entertainment purposes. However, the world’s largest video hosting site has got many other important features and uses too.

But what happens when you try to open a video and the black screen appears?

Doesn’t it leave you frustrated with a great amount of annoyance?

The issue of YouTube black screen with the sound browser background error is the most common problem that users experience while using YouTube and that is why we are going to share the reason for the issue along with the basic troubleshooting steps to resolve it.

YouTube Black Screen & Sound Browser Background Error

Reason and Solution of the Issue

The issue of YouTube black screen with the sound browser background error issue can be caused due to many technical reasons. Different reasons need a different solution to resolve the issue. So, here are the different basic reasons causing YouTube black screen with the sound browser background error issue along with their solution.

background error issue can be caused
Solution of the Issue
  • Due to weak or poor connection: – Browsing and streaming of online videos require the internet connection to be of good speed. It requires a good bandwidth to operate smoothly.  But if the connection is poor, then different issues may arise at the time of using YouTube.
  • Solution: – Whenever you face the issue of YouTube black screen with sound browser background error issue or others, your first step in troubleshooting will be to check the network connectivity. Close other unnecessary browser tabs and restart YouTube.
  • Due to Adobe Flash Player Crash: – the JavaScript or Adobe Flash Player is pre-installed in most of the popular web browsers. It is used to embed the videos on different video hosting sites including YouTube. However, crashing of Adobe Flash Player is the most common reason for causing troubles in streaming online videos.
  • Solution: – The first step to resolve the issue is to uninstall the current Adobe Flash Player and install the new and updated versions of the same. Turn on the JavaScript of your browser that you use to surf. In the video area, when you press the right click, you will get the option to disable the Enable hardware acceleration.
  • The issue in Google Chrome: – It is one of the most widely used web browsers in the world. But it can also be the reason behind the error of YouTube black screen with sound browser background issue.
  • Solution: – Open the Chrome browser and follow the below-mentioned steps: –
  • Step1 TYPE “Chrome://Flags” in the address bar.
  • Step 2 Search for “Hardware-accelerated video decode,” you can use Ctrl+F to search the same.
  • Step 3 When you get the option, enable the sum. Enabling this will disable the hardware-accelerated video decode option.
  • After this re-launch the browser.
  • The issue in Firefox: – Like Google Chrome, with some changes in the setting of Firefox, the issue can be resolved.  The steps include: –
  • Delete Cookies: – Open tools in the browser, go to options and then to privacy. There select the custom settings in the drop-down box and delete the YouTube cookies.
  • Disable Firefox Hardware Acceleration: – Click on the option in the browser then go to advance and select. You will get a checkbox as Use hardware acceleration. Select the same. After that restart your system.

The issue of YouTube black screen with sound browser background error is one of the most common troubles that most of us face. However, this is not limited to YouTube only; this can happen to other video streaming sites, and the above steps will be useful in resolving those concerns too

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