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Why And How To Use Live Video To Dominate The Current Market?



In the recent years, different techniques and methods have been used to dominate the market. Many companies have, over the years, developed new methods which have changed with time, depending on the demand of the people and the character of the market. Currently, one of the biggest and most effective ways to dominate the market is by using live video. Yes! Many companies are using live videos for effectively marketing their campaigns and the business.

It has been reported that by 2021, around $70.21 billion will be invested in live video streaming. So you must know how you can invest correctly and make a huge impact in the market by using live video technology. In this article, we will be discussing elaborately why and how the use of live video can help your company dominate the current market in 2018.

What Is Live Video All About In 2018?

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Many people confuse live video with normal video streaming. But that is not the case, and there is a big difference between the two terms. Live video is the video which you can broadcast live to your concerned audience consisting of real people who are related to the same field of expertise you are involved in.

Now, it is absolutely different from the video advertising you see on the television because the live video is done at the exact moment it is being streamed via social media. This allows the people to interact with the broadcaster via the social platform. Live videos are taking the social media by storm with people conducting live videos in huge numbers throughout the day.

All the top social media companies Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, have their live video feature. It has been observed that millions of people are reached out every day with the help of live video streaming and companies with the help of such stream, gathers important data and information.

More than 500 million people are online every hour of the day. So you can understand how live video can help you dominate the market easily if you conduct it the right way. This is the very reason why almost 95% of the companies and developers around the world believe that videos are the most important medium by which they can reach out to the people in the future.

How To Interact With The Help Of Live Video?

Brands and multinational companies have started to use live videos on various platforms to interact and integrate a common feeling among the people. The brand’s host live stream events at the different point of the day to either promote their products or help another know about certain aspects of their company etc. A lot of things can be shown and presented via these videos.

To conduct a live video, companies or developers require two simple types of equipment. One is an electronic device like a mobile or personal computer which has a camera and the second being a good internet connection. You will need nothing but these two for conducting a live video anywhere and anytime you want.

Live video streams are also very interesting when compared to the people reading plain text on blogs. Hence you will experience more traffic and increased interest in your business over time. There are no doubts that about broadcasts receive 600% more public engagement when compared to simple posts.

Benefits Of Live Video Streaming In 2018 :

If you are wondering how you can benefit from the live video streaming technique, you must be aware of the fact that it will not reach a million people in a day. Gathering a good and interactive audience takes time, at least a few months to a year before you can expect huge engagement traffic. But that is absolutely fine considering that you will build up the quality audience in the process who will be genuinely interested in you.

Some of the best benefits of live video streaming have been a life saver for many companies who were not being able to do something productive. So here are the best benefits of live video streaming in 2018.

  • Live video streams can be done from anywhere and at any time you want to. It is not dependent on any other factors but only the medium and internet connection you have. So whenever you have a new product launch or other interesting stuff being carried out in your company, you can share it with the community.
  • Live video streams are inexpensive. You do not require to pay any money or other assets to host a live stream session. It is absolutely free. So it is the perfect medium via which you can spread the work of a certain product or service easily.
  • Even if you do not have a huge following on your social media handles, you can contact social media influencers who have brilliant audiences. They will charge you for promoting the products or services you want to show. So there is also an alternative to host your own live host if there is not much audience to look for.

So here are the amazing benefits of live video streaming for your company. You can understand from the benefits that they are really market-oriented and if you can learn to use it the right way, then it can help you dominate the market in 2018.

Final Verdict!

Even though we have mentioned that conducting a live video streaming session is fairly an easy task to do, combining it with digital marketing strategies requires you to study your subject well. Different agencies provide you with good insights and advice on how you can effectively use a live video to dominate the market.

As times are changing with every passing year, companies will need to improve and improvise their company strategies as well. Therefore if you want to reach new heights and dominate the market, you must not neglect the importance of live video streaming in 2018.

Manish Kumar is a digital marketer and versed blogger. He has been working in this field for some time now and knows how to balance creativity and technical side of content. He loves to write blogs endlessly and share his knowledge & experiences with others. Presently he is working for Tangensys Provider company.

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