Whatsapp Web Update

Whatsapp Web Update: Now supporting WIndows Browsers

If you are using a smart phone, 99.9% chances are that you are using WhatsApp for messaging.

This online messaging giant has risen to such popularity due to its convenience of use, awesome features and low cost.

Now to take this a little further recently WhatsApp has announced a new update that will enable you to send and receive the WhatsApp messages on your PC.

Presently available on Google Crome, the WhatsApp web client will run now on your laptop, desktop or any computer that has internet connectivity.

Whatsapp Web Update

But before you start jumping with joy, make sure that your mobile device is compatible with this new update.

Presently this update is available for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia S60 (Symbian), and Nokia Series 40 devices only.

So, if you are using any other device, you can either switch to any of the listed ones or can wait for the second phase of roll out.

Downloading this WhatApp on PC is quite simple. Just open the Google Chrome browser on your computer and type https://web.whatsapp.com .

Once you reach the site you’ll receive a QR code on the computer screen. Now, if you are the exclusive user of your computer you can check the ‘keep me signed in’ box for easy access in future.

However if it is a work computer or a shared device, it is strongly recommended not to do so, as anybody using the computer can then access your personal messages, pictures or any other documents.

Now you need to open the WhatsApp application on your smart phone and go to the ‘Options’ tab to click on ‘WhatsApp Web’.

In case your device is compatible but you still can’t see the option just update you app and the option will be visible.

When you click on the ‘WhatsApp Web’ option a QR code scanner will pop-up on your phone. Just point it towards your browser window so that it can scan the QR code on your computer screen.

Once the scan is complete the WhatsApp web page will open up in your browser and you can start using WhatsApp from your computer.

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Now while many users are taking advantage of this new interface of WhatsApp there are some negative points as well that you need to keep in mind:

  • First and foremost shortcoming is, this Web client is compatible for Windows operating system only. Thus if you are using a Mac computer, bad news for you; you’ll have to wait for quite some time.
  • This user interface is compatible with Google Chrome only. Thus if you do not have this browser on your PC, you’ll have to download this one first.
  • The most handicapping shortcoming that we’ve noticed is that, you cannot change any setting of your WhatsApp account from PC. For example, you cannot change the profile picture or status for your account, you cannot block someone from your PC, you cannot even create or exit any group from your PC. For all this you’ll still have to use your smart phone only.
  • While you can send and receive messages on your PC, you’ll still have to keep your phone connected to internet all the time.

While using your computer keypad to type WhatsApp messages can be easier and checking your messages while working on your computer can be a real benefit, but according to the reports this cool new update still have a lot of bugging issues and you’ll have wait a little more to get the smooth operation on this.


  1. hi Nisha , thanks for a update. i am waiting for this. i am not a big fan of chrome thats why now firefox gives me power to connect my whatsapp.

  2. Hi Nayna,

    Thanks for coming by here and sharing your thoughts with us.

    I am also a fan of Firefox and find easy to use it.

    Thanks again for stop by here. Have a great day!

  3. Hello Nisha,

    I am in a class and the students all use Whatsapp but I prefer to do things on the laptop because I spend the majority of my time on one. I am more of a laptop girl than a phone girl. 🙂 So, this is good news. I will be downloading this. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. I am having a similar problem to a few posters here in that the WhatsApp Web page will open but the QR code never loads, just a constant spinning circle. I am on my personal laptop on my home network, newest version of Chrome and have tried restarting and clearing my cache. Also tried turning off extensions like AdBlock and PushBullet but none made any difference. Any assistance would be appreciated…

  5. Hi Nisha,
    This is an informative post,
    It is really good to have this wonderful App on our PCs.
    Though I am using my phone for this purpose its really good to watch some real life pics and videos on our laptops. Thanks for sharing this information on how to download and use. I just posted this in my Tsu and from there to twitter and fb.
    Keep sharing
    Nice speaking to you this way.
    Keep sharing such informative pieces.
    Have a great week ahead.
    ~ Phil

  6. Nisha Pandey

    Hello Maketta,

    Great to see you here.

    Yes now you can download it on your laptop. But you’ll still have to use the phone to adding a group or blocking some annoying. Hope you can adjust this much.

    Do give us feedback on your experience.

    Happy holidays 🙂

  7. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Manish,

    When you are trying to use whatsapp on your computer are you keeping the mobile data on? Do check this one. if you disconnect the data connection in your mobile, whatsapp will not work on your computer do.

    Do check and let us know.

  8. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Philip,

    Great to talk to you too.

    I’m glad that you found the post useful. Yes, it is really a great feature, especially for people who are not that computer savvy. Though some upgrades are needed, it is still a great development.

    Keep visiting. 🙂