whatsapp-voice-calling for android

WhatsApp Voice Calls will Come to iOS in a Few Weeks

WhatsApp has eventually announced that its voice call feature will be available for iOS users in a few weeks. Android users have already been making voice calls over the app for almost a month. The announcement came at the Facebook F8 Developers Conference.

WhatsApp also elaborated how its iPhone users will be able to make the calls. The calls will be made using VoIP, which will work over the 3G/4G or WiFi. Users will not have to worry about spending anything from their cell phone’s plan. It is similar to using the FaceTime Audio system over the iMessage app for making VoIP calls.

whatsapp-voice-calling for android

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Once the iOS side of the WhatsApp voice call feature becomes active, users across all the leading platforms will be able to make calls to each other. Thus, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone users will be able to make calls to each other. This new feature could put the carriers in a tight spot.

The announcement was made by WhatsApp’s co-founder. He claimed that iOS users will be able to access the new feature within 2 weeks. It is worth noting that WhatsApp has already been downloaded over a billion times on the Google Play Store. There is only one other non-Google app that has crossed this mark.

WhatsApp was recently acquired by Facebook for a staggering amount of money. It has already crossed 600 million active users. Despite such a massive growth, its Android team is made up of just 5 people.

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It was a mobile-only app until recently. But the company released a desktop version in January to reach out to a larger audience. It was made available for all the major platforms.

With the latest announcement, WhatsApp looks forward to become a general app with reach across all the leading platforms.