Hike Voice calling

After WhatsApp, Hike to launch voice calling through internet

After the recent confirmation of WhatsApp’s soon to be lunched voice calling feature, rumours are that the India based instant messaging app Hike is also set to launch a feature much similar to this one.

If rumours are to be heeded, Hike users can expect to receive this update as soon as next few days.

While WhatsApp clearly lead the market when it comes to instant messaging all over the globe, Hike provides it significant competition in India.

Hike Voice calling

Thus this move from Hike’s side was expected by industry experts. The confirmation came when the company acquired Zip Phone, a US based voice calling app that works globally.

Zip Phone, a one man start up, owned by US based Anuj Jain was bought by Hike for an undisclosed amount.

And this development fuelled the rumour that Hike may be launching the new voice calling service pretty soon.

Hike, which is mostly used in India, is said to be developing the feature keeping in mind the poor data connectivity we still suffer from in the larger part of the county.

Thus the voice calling feature will be fully optimised for 2G internet connection, said a source.

Well, this means the new update from Hike will work with minimum bandwidth and save you a lot of money in terms of data cost.

While this voice calling app from Hike is expected to perform better even in poor connectivity area, it can be the selling point of this product.

Working globally, this feature will give its users the freedom to use internet to make voice calls, even when they do not have access to superfast data connection.

While there was one leaked screenshot of Hike voice calling feature in testing, the company has officially confirmed nothing in this regard.

Previously in the beginning of this year reports of WhatsApp launching its voice calling feature for beta testing went flying and recently the instant messaging giant has confirmed the launch of this feature.

While WhatsApp have globally around 700 million users, its Indian counterpart has managed to acquire 35 million users in India in just 18 months time.

This speaks a lot about the growing market share of Hike. With the launch of this new voice calling feature, especially its ability of function in slow internet connectivity is expected to add to its user base in a significant manner.

  1. Many companies now joins to the voice calling market and give a good service to users. Mostly, I’m use Skype but sometime, I use Whatapps in my phone. It’s a good app to make a call and send a free text message.

  2. Nisha Pandey

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    Do you already have the whatsapp voice calling on your phone??? I’m so envious now. Jokes apart, online messaging has been a big blow to the telephone network companies and with the voice calling too, I think it going to affect their market pretty badly.

    But good news for users though 🙂

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