Is WhatsApp Going to Enable Message Backup on Google Drive

Users worldwide have been using WhatsApp extensively as a messaging platform. It has become so much popular that Facebook went ahead and took over the company.

But this is about to change considering that there have been rumours of leaked information that indicate that the service could backup chat history and other info on Google Drive.

In the latest series of requests and text strings sent by WhatsApp to some users for translation show that the messenger service is definitely working on something related to storing messages on Google Drive. It is not clear whether videos will be backed up or not.


WhatsApp has not yet made any official announcement about any such feature. But industry experts and geeks consider leaked translation requests as reliable signs of forthcoming features. It is worth reminding that it was Hindi translation request by WhatsApp that tipped geeks to announce that WhatsApp may be working on its recently released voice calling feature.

The proposed restoration feature is expected to help users restore their messages from Google Drive when they use WhatsApp on a new device.

Currently, backing up WhatsApp messages is a complex process and has several restrictions. Besides, it is available only to users with Android devices. Restoring the history to a new device could be even more complicated. When moving to a new device it is important to ensure that it has the same phone number.

It is currently not allowed to perform a restoration to or from any other mobile platform. Besides, WhatsApp also warns that there is no assurance that all files will get transferred during the transmission.

So if WhatsApp were to introduce this rumoured backup and restoration feature on Google Drive, it could help the messenger service’s users maintain their complete chat history and probably some media as well.

  1. Hi Nisha

    Very important information you shared and if it happens it will be a big support to have the entire data in Google drive.

    This is the age of fast information where security is the biggest threat to every storage of data and once this will be save in a secured platform it will be big feature by the App.

    Thanks a lot for sharing

  2. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Muba,

    Great to see you see here.

    Yes this feature is really going make it big for Whatapp. If a user can secure his data on a platform like Google drive there can be nothing better than that.
    Hope see the features on Whatsapp soon 🙂

    Thanks a ton for stopping by.