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What You Need to Know about Managed IT Services



Managed IT Services

Information technology now popularly referred to as “IT” is at the heart of many operations in different sectors and industries of the world today. This cuts across businesses and governments. Giving the level of importance that info tech holds in our current existence, organizations try to ensure that this infrastructure that is easily the back bone of most of their operations is not in any way compromised and continues to operate at optimum levels.

It is therefore for this reason that specialized services like Managed IT has come on the scene. This will be the focus of this article.

What Do We Mean By Managed IT Services?

When we say managed IT services, we are referring to a special arrangement between an organization and an info tech service provider in which the provider handles specific IT related tasks for the client on an on-going basis. The provider is tasked with ensuring the continued performance of the facilities or services under its purview and is expected to act proactively to ensure there is no hitch in operations.

In delivering this task, the provider is usually in charge to a large extent, taking actions they see fit to ensure the agreed upon deliverables are met. This is different from a situation where the organization calls them in on a job to job basis. This will usually be a contract that will run for a given period with options to renew said contract at the expiry of each one. You can learn more about this partnership model here.

Who Needs this Service?

While any organization that is heavily info tech reliant will require this service, it is best suited for those that meet the following criteria:

Has No Dedicated IT Staff or Department

This is usually the case for small to medium businesses. Sometimes, the cost of hiring and maintaining an adequate info tech department can be more than the business’ overhead can handle. Such an organization will benefit from this service as it will save them cost while also ensuring they have access to the best IT professionals.

Has a Short Staffed or Inexperienced IT Staff/Department

Just as with the point above, even if you do have a dedicated info tech staff or department, there is the possibility that they may be overwhelmed with the work they have to handle. In this case, a managed service will be helpful.

The same will go for a situation where the in-house IT staff is not very experienced, resulting in a constant need to call in external help. Using a managed service will take care of this while also helping the in-house staff grow in experience.

What Are the Benefits?

IT services Benefits

There are a lot of benefits that making use of managed services of all kinds offer. These are some of the reasons why they are highly popular. Here are few of these benefits.

Low Cost

The cost of hiring and maintaining a top level info tech department is pretty huge. With a managed service, you can get the best for far less than it would have cost you to set one up in-house. This is easily the most common reason why many companies decide to go this route.

Access to Top Professional

Still continuing from the point above, managed IT services employ the best professionals at huge costs to them. These costs are spread across their many clients resulting in reduced individual costs while making top level info tech services and professionals available to each client. You will therefore be able to enjoy the services of professionals you normally will not have been able to afford on your own.

Access to Cutting Edge Technology and Best Practices

Just as with the professionals, you will also have access to the best of technology and best practices. This is because you are dealing with a company that is wholly committed to info tech services and so requires access to the best of technology.

Increased Speed of Delivery and Overall Efficiency

With access to top professionals, technology and best practices, the speed at which services are delivered increases and this affects your organization’s overall efficiency level.

Increased Competitiveness

Having access to the best of IT services, at the same level as top companies, ensures that your business can compete favorably in the market. Your inability to setup a top quality in-house info tech department will not work against you.

You can check out a few other benefits here:

How to Choose the Right Provider

When choosing a managed IT service provider, there are some critical things to consider. This will ensure you get the best value for your money. Here are a few consideration factors:


At the risk of sounding repetitive, this is one important thing to consider. After all, this is one of the main reasons why businesses choose these providers. Check to ensure the cost to you is what you can handle.


Can you grow with the company? Your info tech needs will increase as your business grows. You do not want a company that cannot grow with yours.

Data Protection

Data is critical in any business today. Any provider you choose to work with must offer regular data backups in secure cloud servers. This will ensure that in the event of any disaster or failure, you can easily recall your important data and quickly get things back on track.


This is easily one of the most important factors to consider. Be sure that you choose a company that responds promptly to questions and calls for support.

On-site Support and Maintenance

Aside from remote support, the company you choose should also be able to provide prompt on-site support. This means that a business in Houston Texas, should as a matter of convenience look for a Houston IT support provider to handle its info tech needs.


This is another very important consideration point. Data is the new gold and must therefore be protected adequately. Any company that wants your business must convince you that they employ the best security measures to ensure your data and general information are constantly safe from unscrupulous individuals.


The efficiency of your information technology operations is critical to the performance of your business. Since it can be very expensive to set up a truly efficient one, working with a managed service is your best option. Follow the guide given above to find the company that will serve your needs the best.

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