What To Look For In Marketing Analytics

With Google flexing its muscles, mobile devices becoming a part of our daily lives, and big brands finally realizing that the online world is a major playing field, marketing analytic companies should be focusing on the following for your business:

Mobile Madness

Mobile devices, particularly touchscreen tablet devices, are a new playground for marketing. It is a market that is immediate, ever-present in the target market’s life, and is a powerful platform for personalized marketing campaigns. If marketing analytics does not take into account the mobile market, then it is taking away a powerful parallel market for campaigns.

mobile madness

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And it’s not just about putting all mobile devices together – the size of the mobile device directly affects how you’re supposed to approach your target market, be it tablet phones, a full-size tablet or touch-screen notebooks. It’s a new Wild West for marketing, which will require new insights and interpretations of data.

Design and Content as part of the Marketing Push

This is where marketing analytics can flex its muscles, by reading the data for split tests as they come in, for performance cycles across months. Sometimes, no matter how good the marketing campaigns are, the main experience – be it the site or the shop, or even just the product itself – will turn people off. Studying how actual design, content and functionality works to give a better user experience, and parlaying the marketing budget into it, can be just as effective as any marketing campaign, by giving users a pleasant experience, which will make them return and recommend the product, site or service to other people in their circles.

Gamer Geekiness

The success of mini-games or gamified mobile apps and even gamer-type marketing campaigns have created new approaches for engaging the target market. Engagement isn’t just about holding the interest of the target market anymore, it’s about a brand becoming interactive with its own market.

mini games

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But how do you collect data from such a situation? Proper preparation and collection of data has to be done, as gamification can be an expensive cost. If it doesn’t work well for the market, then no matter how innovative the idea is, it fails to bring in the target numbers.

Loyalty and time spent

of the more important data points to watch out for now is how people are engaged. It’s not  just about how long people spend on a website or a game anymore, it’s about whether or not they will return, or if their actions within a site fulfill the goals of the site. Even more important, it’s about satisfaction – with the advent of social media as a powerful marketing force, businesses and marketing analytics specialists should take into account how people feel about the user experience, to see if there is a positive take-away.

Branding as influence

It’s obvious that brands should influence target markets to choose them. However, with the interactivity of social media, what is important is not only to be in the marketing space, so to speak, but how to sculpt the brand’s effect on the target market. This can only be done by the periodic analysis of how people are reacting to the brand’s push.

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