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What Can a Local SEO in Denver, Colorado Do for Your Business?



Local SEO in Denver

Say we have a young entrepreneur and we will call him Matt. He owns a burger joint in the city. Though it’s a hole-on-the-wall store, locals flock the place on the weekends and even on late weekday afternoons. News spread fast—it’s the best burger in the city. Probably the best that everyone hurries to grab the first bite. They don’t mind staying in long queues for several minutes. Indeed, it didn’t disappoint for first-timers. It even exceeded their expectations.

For a small business similar to Matt’s that is already booming, well apparently, everyone talks about it, do you think you can still up your marketing efforts for that or would you stop right there? It’s easy to conclude that Matt has to stop. The profit he’s getting out of his business is already at its peak. Besides, many people know the fact that his joint sells the best burger! So, why do the effort still?

The answer is simple: It may be very popular but think about the others who haven’t heard about it yet or are still weighing in their options. Do them a favor and let them know your product is the best one. They’ll thank you for that. 

Understanding Local SEO

If you have a brick-and-mortar business location, that’s good. Passersby have probably noticed your roadside ads and your banner sign. You might have handed out leaflets promoting your products from time to time. Also, word of mouth advertising has brought your business tons of benefits.

What else can help your target market find your business easily? For example, what if some of them are new in your area, perhaps, they’re tourists visiting the city for the first time? How would they know your small restaurant serves the best burger in Denver? If I were them, I would take my phone out of my pocket and type in “best burgers near me” on Google’s search field.

Now, that’s where local SEO comes in. In simplest terms, it is a type of SEO strategy that focuses mainly on the goal of optimizing your content for it to land on top of the local listings revealed on Google’s search results. Learn more about that on this article.

When you type in keywords that contain geographic modifiers such as “near me” or “in Denver”, you’ll notice what is called the local 3-pack placed on the topmost part of the page. The local 3-pack is basically what Google has recognized as the top three most relevant businesses to the searcher’s query. It contains important details such as the address, contact information, and business hours.

Local SEO

Everyone who owns a business aims to land on this most coveted spot. Why? Because research reveals that a larger percentage of searchers usually find what they’re looking for among the top three listings on the local 3-pack. That would mean only a few number of people will take extra effort clicking on more search results beyond the best three.

So if your business is included on the top list, you deserve to celebrate. This would greatly improve your chances of increasing your site visitors, foot traffic in your brick-and-mortar location, and most of all, leads and sales. Find out how to do that through this guide:

Apparently, searchers who take advantage of local listings check out the website of the business they’re interested in to learn relevant information about it before paying a visit to the actual store. They also search for contact details to inquire on the products and services being offered. Reviews from other consumers are what they’re looking for as well. In addition, they might be checking for directions because they really want to go to the physical business location.

What’s good about local SEO is that it draws in people who are really interested in doing business with you. Most people who type in keywords with local intent are serious about paying a visit or availing a certain product or service. It’s not just out of curiosity. They’re really in urgent need and they’re willing to spend their money on a particular business.

Thus, they don’t take credibility lightly. Any serious person won’t. They view top results, especially those in the local 3-pack as the most credible ones. So, landing a spot there is crucial for your business.

How to have a Successful Local SEO

First thing, you need to do the basics: Make sure you have updated and consistent contact details, address, and directions across various online directories. Get practical and useful advice from SEO experts in Denver. You may click here to find out how. Also, nothing beats high-quality informative content on your website. Are you managing a restaurant? Make sure your menu on the website is always updated with a couple of pictures that show how delectable your dishes are.

Local SEO will help your target market find you easily. Your customers might increase dramatically that they have to line up for your products and services. And oh, remember Matt? His hole-on-the-wall is now a two-floor restaurant somewhere else. Don’t worry, he didn’t forget to update online directories about that.

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