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Wedding shopping and planning going the digital way



Wedding shopping online

Picture this: you’re out with your family and friends to pick up stuff to plan a big fat Indian wedding. You’d have to visit countless stores and the offices of service providers multiple times on numerous days. Sounds tiring right? Planning a wedding is one of the most daunting tasks and a lot of us dread it. 

Gone are the days where we have to physically visit a store to make our purchases for a wedding. The age of digitalisation has given way to being able to do the massive tasks of planning and shopping for a wedding through the click of a few buttons on e-commerce websites and bridal shopping apps. 

Now brides and grooms can shop for their wedding wardrobe, trousseau along with just about anything they require for a life together through simpler, convenient means. And, this is possible only because of most retail brands and service providers going the digital way. They’ve all set up their own websites and apps to shop for their wedding lehengas, shoes or even custom made jewellery from any retailer halfway across the globe. 

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Virtual weddings during uncertain times:

A lot of our lives came to a standstill last year, and it has proven to be extremely difficult and worrying to even step out to purchase even the daily essentials. But, we saw a number of families host weddings at homes or at wedding venues at a much more intimate, smaller scale even during these uncertain times. And, this was possible only due to the ever growing and evolving technology that has paved the path for having the world at our feet. 

The host families were able to talk to service providers such as wedding planners, invitation designers or even caterers to decide on the menu to be served during the wedding festivities. We witnessed guests attending the weddings virtually and the wedding food was delivered to their homes during the course of the wedding ceremony itself! Isn’t it astonishing to witness a task as mammoth as planning and executing a wedding with the touch of a few buttons, and through a few video and audio calls? 

The future of the way the world shops in:

With technology playing such pivotal roles in our daily lives, most of us cannot imagine living without its glorious fruits of labour. The convenience and safety to sit and shop with your family at home is definitely a welcome change. And, we must admit that we’re pleasantly surprised at the way our families and business owners have adapted to the new ways of purchasing and selling goods. 

On the other hand, we must be mindful of where we shop from. It is absolutely crucial to do sufficient research to see if the website or app we order from is trustworthy. It is also wise to read the exchange and return policy to avoid disappointment at a later stage. Whilst we agree that shopping online might never have the same excitement as shopping in a store, we think it’ll all be okay when the big box with your shoes and jewellery arrives at your house.

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