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Useful SEO Insights Gained From Google Analytics



Google Analytics

When and if you use Google Analytics in the best possible way, you will be able to gain a great amount of SEO and marketing insights. These insights will help in a variety of important aspects of your business. One of the most important aspect is to help you discover the different opportunities that may exist for improving the general performance of your website.

You will come to know about a range of different metrics such as:

  • The general performance metrics of your site
  • The engagement metric of your users
  • The conversion metrics of users to customers and more.

In fact, there is no shortage of insights and SEO knowledge that you can gain through proper and strategic use of Google Analytics. This is the primary reason that most of the Chicago SEO experts rely on and use this tool extensively.


Custom segments

One of the most useful and actionable insights that you can learn from Google Analytics is custom segments. This insight will help you to see how exactly you can apply these in order to improve your SEO.

Custom segment is the key feature of Google Analytics. It will allow you to see a lot of different things about your traffic such as:

  • The traffic coming from different channels or locations
  • The visitors who has completed a specific action or goal
  • The demographic data of the visitors and much more.

You can create custom segments from nearly any facet of your user data including their time spent on the site and the number of visits made to specific pages apart from the three other insights mentioned above.

Ideally, when you use custom segments feature, you will be able to learn more about your users on your site and exactly how they engage with it.

Areas to explore

When you create custom segments, you will need to explore specific areas that will help you to improve your SEO efforts and results. One such specific insightful area to explore so that you can determine the additional segments that you want to create is the Audience tab of Google Analytics. You can do this by clicking on:

  • Audience
  • Interests and the on

This overview is one of the most significant aspect to look on as this will display three specific reports on the user attention and interests that you need to look at for ensuring a high-level SEO. These specific reports are:

  • Affinity categories
  • In-market segments and
  • Other categories.

These three categories will enable you to differentiate your users in different groups such as:

  • The ordinary users
  • The value users
  • The users who just work and
  • Those users who have an interest in your business marketing services.

The Google Analytics insights will help you to dive deeper into these users according to the different categories.

All you have to do is navigate to the demographics under the Audience tab. This will allow you to view their age, gender and other useful data. With this data you can create a custom segment that will help you to track your audience.

In order to create a custom segment, the process you need to follow includes:

  • Returning to the audience
  • Clicking on Overview to view All Sessions and
  • Selecting the +Add Segment.

This will allow you to track and monitor all the users in a particular segment to know about their behavior and pattern. You will also be able to know about the most frequent visitors in this segment and compare it with the number of visitors to the rest of your site.

However, to make your insights more precise you must ensure that you set a specific date range to your analytics. This date range should not be less than 6 months or more than a year, if applicable. This will ensure that you have a very good and more useful compilation of data.

Monitor mobile traffic

The Google Analytics insights will also help you to monitor and analyze your mobile traffic which is constantly growing in importance as afar as SEO result is concerned.

The good thing about Google Analytics is that it will help you to do much more than just monitor your mobile traffic to your site on the whole. It will help you to monitor other important segments such as monitoring the engagement levels of the mobile visitors.

In order to assess this, you will need to do a few other assessments. These are:

  • View the amount of mobile conversions at the specific page level which you can easily do by adding a mobile segment
  • Monitor the bounce rate of the mobile users by focusing on those specific pages that have high mobile bounce rates which will help you to know and rectify on the potential issues associated to a specific page and
  • Compare both the mobile and the desktop bounce rate metrics with each other so that it helps you to gain further insights into the differences between the mobile and desktop experience.

These analytics reports will help you to design a better SEO strategy that will enable you to reach out to your target users by delivering them what they want.

Focus on site search

If you have a search bar on your website then you are lucky to have an opportunity to know about what your visitors are looking for. This is a tremendous opportunity as this insight will not only allow you to know what the visitors do and look for when they reach your website but will also help you to know exactly how many people are actually searching.

This will in turn help you to work on your PPC performance to boost it. This will help you to make the best use of the platform in which you are advertising by managing and optimizing your online advertising. Eventually, you will be able to beat your competition and even automate your workload by using these analytical data and other ad optimizing tools.

Therefore, it can be said to conclude that Google Analytics is a tool that every SEO pro should use.

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