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Understanding the impact of big data on SEO



impact of big data on SEO

The SEO world is buzzing with terms like data mining, big data, and big data mining. As a brand owner, you may have heard these terms multiple times from your local SEO agency and why they believe it is critical for your business. Although it can appear to be a sales strategy, the truth is that big data has marked a new era in the fields of search engine optimization and digital marketing. If you have noticed, any actions that happen online are either driving data or getting driven by it.

The purpose of mining data is to comb through chunks of user information for analysis and detection of behavioral patterns and use them to the benefit of an organization. For example, what you watch on Netflix or where you go tracking the location through Google Maps, all the platforms store, assess, and leverage the collected data to understand what you will do next to serve you better and faster. And whoever can master this art today can be a winner in his or her business. To put it in simple words, here are a few benefits that big data optimization can do for you.

  • Getting more targeted to incorporate cost-cutting measures
  • Observing buyer’s behaviors and encouraging sales by popping up relevant product suggestions
  • Keeping an eye on sluggish periods to be prepared with a strategy for downtime
  • Discovering the latest opportunities within a group of customers

More about big data in detail

So, you can comfortably assume from the above discussion that big data is an inflow of large volumes of information that every business receives daily in an organized or unorganized manner. While the size and nature of these data enjoy significance, what is critical here is their efficient use. Data as such is not a new phenomenon because all the businesses have always been depending on the user information to analyze the demands of their customers. But today data sets have become much more prominent owing to the rising competition and necessity to stay relevant in the concerned field of specialization.

A variety of sources that help gather user information include social media, online shopping behaviors, and in-app purchases.

In this context, you can make a critical note that SEO campaigns are primarily data-driven activities. The search engine optimization activities aim at boosting rankings of a particular brand or individual across search engines by organizing the collected online information. For example, Google pulls results that seem to be the most useful and authoritative for a user. Authoritativeness of the particular website depends on the quality and the number of links it gets from other platforms. And your SEO agency must develop an authoritative content so that your business enjoys both visibility and higher rankings in search engines.

There is no confusion about the role of SEO in businesses today, but it is vital to be aware of the fact that it continues to evolve because of big data. Here are a few instances that throw light upon how big data is impacting SEO.


Content is nothing but a published piece of information. Google has made all the online content quantifiable so that search engines can differentiate between relevant and non-relevant content and fetch the most desirable result for a user. However, the result may or may not be favorable for your company. So, what an SEO expert can do is use his online reputation management (ORM) skills to enhance brand visibility and optimize positive content more so that the negative ones get buried deep down.

Social media

Social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others, create data in large volumes. Every time the content that goes on these platforms sends signals to the search engine by engaging users. That’s why businesses with successful social profiles reap most benefits and tend to gain higher rankings in the search engine.


More in-depth analysis of information helps in recognizing the needs of primary customers aptly. SEO and digital marketing experts do data collection and mining to prompt sales through conversions. Analytics tools like Search Console and Webmaster give them a clear view of the performance of their content within the data network and enable them to modify it to better its quality. These tools record the number of page views, clicks, bounce rate, on-page time, links, and other such critical metrics so that businesses can leverage them to serve their customers better.

Customer experience

In the end, no matter what your organization or an SEO expert does, it is all about earning and retaining customers for the benefit of the company. From this angle, the significant role of big data in business, as well as customer experience, cannot go unnoticeable. The more you dive in the data pool, the more you can target and cater your audience well and thereby your business also. For example, look at how Google is doing things. It tracks all the data and their source diligently to acquire proper knowledge of what users want based on their tastes, preferences, locations, etc., and equip them with best results. With time, this is going to gain more prominence in the products and services sector.

From this, it is easy to comprehend why SEO companies are crazy about big data. Presently, the companies can sift through large packs of data and explore them with utmost accuracy to get an insight into KPIs (key performance indicators) to the benefit of their clients. SEO specialists can necessarily get a full view of the customers from their search patterns and learn about their behaviors and choices. The businesses, which rely on SEO and digital marketing services heavily, can take advantage of big data beyond measures. After all, the whole purpose of big data is to empower businesses by enabling them to detect patterns and enhance customer experiences by providing them with the proper services and products they want. There is no denying of the fact that the successful use of big data in SEO practices can ultimately pave the way for higher ROI.

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