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Understanding More About Snovio, In Brief.



Today’s lead generation is expanding tremendously on a daily basis, but there is certainly a lack of competition in the market. Some of the problems that appear in the age-old lead generation systems include the basic quality of the leads from the fragmented or less specific data and information, insufficiency of transparency, inability to get the data updates on time and the hazy distribution of the revenue between the supplier and the sources.

When you ask what Snovio is, it is best explained as the decentralized lead generation service provider. Snovio supplies you with a marketplace for the lead generation held between thousands of other customers and suppliers of data or the data contributors. With the help of the blockchain technology and decentralization, it excels in solving all the shortcomings of the traditional lead generation services.

What Is The Meaning And Use Of The Snovio Token?

Snovio tokens are the digital currencies accessible only on the Snovio platform. You will need the tokens for applications such as:

  •    In the unique marketplace where clients can submit a personalized order for data supply. Those that supply the data then get a reward with the help of the Snovio token. Data suppliers will get specific tools available in the Snovio platform that will help them with the data submission and the supply of it.
  •    In the decentralized search areas where the data contributors get all the required data and imports all of them automatically to their specific platform. You get Snovio tokens as rewards after the completion of this process.

How Does Snovio Function?

It constitutes SaaS as well as the marketplace model to make it into a unique and decentralized lead sourcing marketplace that can be accessed with the help of a Snovio token. You get to do all types of transactions with the smart contract and get them stored in the blockchain. The work of smart contracts is to make sure that the executions of the transactions are proportionate to the distribution of rewards, most importantly in the marketplace.

What About The Snovio ICO?

The Snovio ICO was made in such a way that Snovio token benefits the buyers and customers along with the users and contributors. When you buy the Snovio tokens, you support establishing a new and successful project that will certainly help you with substantial privileges for your lead generation account.

Popular Services Of Snovio.

Here are listed the things that Snovio can do with ease and perfection. You can read them all to know more about this email lookup tool in detail.



  1.    Snovio verifies email addresses by identifying the validity of the emails and whether they are  regularly used. The service provider also checks out the dysfunctional and badly working emails listed in your inbox.
  2.    Snovio looks for the domains by collecting all the emails from your account along with the users of the emails from some domains.
  3.    You can look for a specific company search at Snovio where you can get all the details of the company profile and the services it offers. You also get to know about the industry, city, and the country of the specific company with the help of the company search product from Snovio.

Who Are The Minds Behind The Snovio Platform?

This masterpiece was founded by the current CEO Alexis Kratko. The current PM, Web Developer, Alexandra Zhadko, and the PHP developer Yuri Arendar are the great minds behind the successful working of Snovio. The company also consists of many talented people that are critical to the working of Snovio.

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