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Understanding Link Building Strategies to Rank High in Search Engine Results



Search Engine Results

Link building aims at increasing the number of backlinks directed towards a website. From an SEO perspective, link building aims at boosting the ranking of a website in search results. It can also be a marketing technique to increase brand awareness. is a link building agency that can help multiply your profits. We offer various SEO and link building packages at affordable rates. Contact us to know more about why you should pick us as your preferred Link Building Agency!  

Link building and why it’s important 

  • It affects SEO: If you have high-quality links on your website, it can rank your website higher in search results. Along with acquiring backlinks, content quality is more important than quantity. However, link building remains one of the major tasks when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.
  • Content becomes more relevant & authoritative: The quality and quantity of backlinks get assessed by search engines to rank in the search results. The backlinks endorse the page by linking a brand’s website. Hence, backlinks from authoritative or popular websites make a brand and its content automatically better for customers. As more content gets created with relevant links, the audience identifies your website as an authority in your niche market. This would increase your website traffic and conversions. Your website would also gain a high ranking on search engines. 
  • Increase in website engagement: Relevant content may have backlinks that can provide more engagement. Users can easily navigate from one website to the other and have a seamless experience. This can happen when the content on both websites are similar. Most users spend more time engaging with the content and may provide feedback or comments. Users begin to trust the content they get to engage with. Hence, building relevant links can gain trust and loyalty. Agencies like can help in designing strategies for website engagement. Brands can also avail of various SEO and Link building packages. Just contact us and explain about the requirements – we’ll do the rest!  

Link building for SEO

Click baits do not help much in link building. The majority of content published or shared online does not help either. Therefore, a brand must be smart in following backlinks. Here’s how.

  • Skyscraper technique: Always creating high-quality content from scratch can fetch good links. Re-writing old content can be a big drawback as search engines can easily detect this. Also, it will not add value to the topic. With the skyscraper technique, the existing content gets improved and as a result the backlinks are replicated. 
  • Newsjacking: With the help of this technique, a brand’s information gets included in the stories or headlines of the day. It can be about the opening of a new store in a particular area, new offers or even the services that a brand provides. There are many benefits of this technique, if implemented. The brand name and content would cover a wider range of audience; a brand can demonstrate its expertise on a particular subject and the audiences can think of the brand’s website as a place to gain related updates.

Link building strategies

  • Guest Posts: It is the process where a brand posts on other authoritative or popular websites as a guest post. This is an effective link building strategy that most websites use. It helps build relationships, provides more exposure and brings in site authority. It is just like a vote of confidence or a boost to your website from other authoritative websites. If such sites show interest in linking to a brand, it would mean that the brand provides valuable and high-quality content. Just remember that guest posts for link building should be with authoritative websites and not with any random websites that carry spam links. Reliable websites bring in website traffic and potential customers. 
  • Online forums or communities: These offer a great way to promote online business. Many online forums allow link building that makes them home to obtain valuable and authoritative backlinks. Look for communities that are relevant to your niche market. Active participation in discussions can help you place a backlink. Make sure that the topic discussed adds value. Forum moderators constantly review their pages. If the link placed seems to be irrelevant, the moderators or page may ban the brand from the forum site.  
  • Broken link building: This is the practice of replacing broken links or links that do not work or direct you to a target website. This process requires a significant amount of effort as well as time. Broken links provide poor user experience and may result in being harmful to a site’s SEO. If your brand identifies a broken link which can get linked to your webpage, contact the website owner and let them know about the broken link issue. Different tools can help in identifying broken links. However, be sure that the website you contact is an authoritative website and not a website that may contain spam links. 
  • Link Outreach: This may sound similar to broken link building. But link outreach is asking or requesting other authoritative websites to link to a brand’s website. Here, brands can identify websites that belong to the same niche markets. The brand can then reach out to those websites for promotion, a backlink or collaboration. However, focus should be on the brand’s link outreach strategy and it should be executed properly. This can increase the brand’s chances of improved rankings on search results.

Vulnerable link building practices to be aware of

  • Buying or selling links: Buying links may seem like an easy way to top in SEO without any effort. However, search engines have banned such practices. Selling links may also encourage search engines to blacklist a brand’s website. 
  • Excess use of links at once: Once a link is acquired, it may be tempting to have many links on a page. Also, if the brand is guest blogging, adding several links into the article might seem like a good idea. However, implementing these in both situations would be a big mistake. It would reduce the value of the links drastically! Remember, adding just one link per opportunity would help in building bridges for backlinks in the future. 
  • Using links that are not credible: A proper background research regarding the authority and credibility of a website before reaching out to it for link building is advised. If a backlink tool is used to identify the website, make sure to check the website for backlinks. If there are no backlinks, it’s better for a brand not to gain a backlink from this particular website. Additionally, a link from a page with spam links can negatively affect a brand’s website. 

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