Organic Hacks to Tweak Audio Recording for Videos Production

Audios and visuals are the power of current digital market and video marketing is on its fullest these day. Whether for a home video or for a professional voice over in a video, you need a high quality sound recording microphone. Here I have come up with ways of Audio recording in the cheapest resource at your place.

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Audio Recording of different purpose

  1. Animation Video Voiceovers
  2. Video narrations of tutorials
  3. Podcast production
  4. For beginner singer songwriters

How to Get Perfect Voice in less cost (Tweaking Audio Recording)

There are many ways to get a better voice for your homemade video or for a professional animated video’s voiceover. Keeping all kidding aside, I would like to figure out some damn amazing ways to revolutionize your video making experience.

I was totally out of ideas when I made the first video for my youtube channel. Because the volume of the sound was really low even if the speaker were on their fullest volume.

But it took a few days and a few dollars to reach the best audio quality for videos.

Let’s spill the beans

Just make sure that your voice is clear and the microphone has no hardware default. Rest you leave on this article. Hell lot of ways to tackle your problem of sound.

Using Softwares

First of all, load your laptop/computer with a set of window applications.

  1. Total Video Converter
  2. Audacity
  3. Lame for Audacity
  4. Camtasia Studio (F**k Windows Movie Maker)

For External Audios (Only Camtasia Studio)

Step 1. Now first record your voice using the default sound recorder app on your smartphone.You can also use a affordable noice cancelling microphone that you can attach to your laptop. I recommend a shotgun electret condenser microphone.

shotgun prpfessional microphone

Step 2. Get the audio file in your laptop and add in into your camtasia studio project

Step 3. Drag it into the tracks timeline and double click the audio stream

Step 4. Now navigate to the Audio configuration. Lift the volume up, level it and cancel all the noise.


Step 5. Play. Reconfigure. Repeat until you get the best and loud audio. Now produce the video and enjoy.


To Clear the Voice in a video

In the case where you have a mp4 or avi video file and you’ve the job to improve the audio clarity, follow the below steps.

Step 1. Convert the Video into mp3 or wav file using Total Video Converter

Step 2. Clear it using Audacity or camtasia studio

Step 3. Now Import the video and silence the video’s volume in Camtasia Studio


Step 4. Import the Audio file that you generated using Audacity and attach it with the video. If required, raise the volume and quality in camtasia.

Step 5. Produce your project and Wow. You’re done.

Shout loud and be awesome in your videos now. If you want to know how to do podcast, just look at the image below. Have the energy of the same level and start rocking.

Shout out loud Tweak Audio Recording

Winding up

An impressive audio can help you sell more and attract more. I bet my boots that you’re not going to market for a better microphone after reading this tutorial.

  1. Hey, Vashishtha!
    That’s an awesome article and useful for me.

    Honestly, I recently setup a home studio but not completely done yet.

    The problem is that I need more equipment such audio stuffs and better Camera. I used to tried Audacity and it works awesome for noise removal. The Camtasia is also amazing application for screen recorder and presentation. However, the audio editing is complete enough stuff for professional why I love Adobe Audition.

    Thanks for sharing…