How to Transform your LinkedIn Post

How to Transform your LinkedIn Post into a “Potent” Marketing Tool?

Content Marketing, as we know it, forms the backbone of all our optimization needs; more so when a well written piece is valued across varied social media platforms.

Being a professional, I had to make multiple switches from one platform to another, just for a bit of attention and a lot of credibility.

My migrations took me closer to LinkedIn, an arena which was once reserved only for the selected influencers.

Trends have transformed and here we stand united, putting the best content strategies in-line for LinkedIn.

Is the concerned media platform worth your effort and time? This question came in when I was looking to draft my first post for this social network.

How to Transform your LinkedIn PostI halted and started searching for posts which got the deserved attention out here.

Honestly, I didn’t find many but a few which amazed me had something similar about them.

For all those who are set to give the LinkedIn publisher a genuine try, must stay away from the perfunctory attributes which might not go down well with professionals.

Leads are important and LinkedIn will give you all, but….

Coming to the surveys, LinkedIn offers the more credible social networking options, generating more than 80% of B2B leads as compared to likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Social leads galore but users need to be skeptical. Not every other post gets the needed attention here and strategies must be tweaked, for suiting the needs and standards of the multiple forums, posted in.

Getting 4000 views and over 200 subscribers aren’t that difficult if your post is good and pitched in perfectly.

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LinkedIn offers a wider audience to cater to which might not be the usual college goers and homemakers; its hardcore professionals we are talking about.

I watched, I administered and finally I look to execute the ideas, but not before sharing my findings with the fellow marketers who might be getting thwarted with the lack of recognition at LinkedIn.

These five aspects would help any post surge up at the concerned Social network and transform the same into a potent marketing tool:

1. Publisher Titles: A Justified Obsession

Post titles need to be informative, crisp and range-bound!

This might be an outline to the findings of Search Wilderness’s Paul Shapiro whose survey excavated a 40-49 character title limit for the successful posts, searched across over 3000 successful Pulses.

The range isn’t what signifies attention but the fact that the title must be visible underneath the teaser.

I wish to truncate the title for this write-up as well and the request will shortly be made to the concerned authority!

Basically one needs to cut the additional fluff and draft the title sans jargons and adjectives. Being simple works the best!

Besides a straightforward title, the reason has to be included but without scaling beyond the stipulated mark. Adding a word or two to instigate alertness always works, like the ‘Potent’ in the provided title might make you flip through the pages.

How to” posts generally work the best on LinkedIn as professionals prefer cutting to the chase with a title which focuses more on the methodology.

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2. Not to Forget— The ‘CONTENT’

Content stakes are definitely higher on LinkedIn, as for the professional hierarchy involved.

Hardcore strategists look to strengthen their network and update profiles while loosely drafted content often takes a backseat.

Great content is what pitches in perfectly here, showcasing the relevance associated.

Touching on the topic isn’t all what is needed out here; if you have a story, share it with generosity!

Longer posts aren’t just meant for filling the voids—featured articles need to be drafted—posts need to be longer now.

Just go on telling, till the story unfurls and explains itself; leave the rest to LinkedIn. Another factor which has to be considered is that LinkedIn Pulse is allergic to reposts.

As Google indexes the LinkedIn posts, penalties are certain. Still, if you are looking to re-share something which might be useful to the professionals, re-drafting the same in a comprehensive manner is all that would be needed.

Make it new, Make it Relevant!

3. Opt-In Offers: Customized ones Work Brilliantly!

Freebies are always tempting and even the hard-faced LinkedIn encourages a few of these.

Drive Opt-Ins like downloadable templates which are relevant to your post, for maximizing the results.

For instance if your are planning to show-off your skills via a tech specific post, adding in a few downloadable links and subscription offers fit in perfectly.

Analyzing, before the opt-ins are added is a must, as nonchalance is definitely not something which LinkedIn stands for.

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4. Driving Opt-Ins: Look for Lead Pages

Redirections have always been eyesores to my online clientele. Opt-In offers are great but not when the clickable link directs the readers to a complicated and unresponsive landing page.

Let your readers enjoy the at-post flexibility with LeadPages attributes added into the mix.

I personally prefer the Lead Box which gives a proper insight of the subscription offers and forms, directly underneath the drafted post.

This results in visual harmony between varied opt-ins and the concerned article.

The reader just needs to fill in the details and download the needed resource, without being redirected out of LinkedIn.

Sounds compact, isn’t it!

Lead Box might just be the right tool for you as it boasts of higher conversion rate and would definitely add in a lot of subscribers to your purported post.


5. Conclude the Post with Subsequent Steps

Every post in LinkedIn is customer specific and has an associated message for the readers.

For your post to be successful the message must be read aloud at the end and the readers must be urged on following the defined modus operandi.

This calls for the inclusion of Steps, Ways of Applying and other related sections at the end of the post.

Catering to the hardcore professionals, these inclusions would definitely boost blog engagement and lead the influx of comments and shares.

Direct and easy steps need to be pushed in as then only would the discussion be engaging. For Example “Share this Post on LinkedIn” happens to be a small line but certainly taps in as a ‘Call-to-Action”.

This motivates the user into sharing the ideas, in this case the post and also enhances the visibility across multiple forums.

As proposed, LinkedIn is nothing short of an enigma when it comes to online content marketing while adding a post to it requires a lot of intuitiveness.

Opt for the LinkedIn Publisher for putting action into words and sharing the content across wider domains.

The aforesaid steps are bound to pitch in perfectly for the readers and even the writers, allowing them to be customer specific at all times.

What needs to be inferred is that the competition might increase even for a smaller chunk of customer attention with more people flocking the publishing market!

This can however be combated with thoughtful content drafted on referring to the analytics in picture.

Just resonate with your Audience over LinkedIn, leave the rest to the Pulse!

  1. Hi Anand

    I am flabbergasted to learn that a wonderful content marketer and social media czar has interest in Urdu shayari; it is one of my favorite hobbies to read poetry in my free time.

    Now a few words on the topic. LinkedIn publisher is not like a Facebook Votes that is not displayed and showcases as broadly as the former is done.

    Especially the professional excellence of LinkedIn community is above board and you can make your voice heard by sharing a post on it. I observed those who don’t have professional approach don’t much enjoy this platform and get back to basic types of platforms.

    All the tips you mentioned to make a post viral over there are obviously your well tested being an expert content marketer and will surely help a lot to those who want to expand their outreach with an effective way.

    Thanks a lot Nisha for featuring this wonderful expert at your blog.

  2. Hi Muba,

    This is great to know that you are also a poetry lover.

    You are very true that Linkedin is beneficial for professional only. A real businessman/marketer can get lot of benefits from here if they use it on a right way.

    Linkedin is totally different from Facebook. It is used by professionals only. The one thing I like more about Linkedin is that it has less no. of spammers than Facebook.

    Thank you so much for stopping by here. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Hi Nisha,
    It is my first visit on your blog and it welcomed me with this awesome post. It is 100% true that linkedin is the best way to contact with the professionals because it is the network of high profile professional persons.
    But when you are using Linkedin you also need to keep qaulity in you post.
    Anyways thanks a lot for this awesome post.
    Have a great day!! 🙂
    With regards,
    Elite Image Software Solutions

  4. Hi Anand,

    Great piece of content with full of knowledge. Specially Point # 3 is totally outstanding as I have never heard opt-ins through that way way. Yes it grabs too much attention of audience if we redirect it to the lead page and a bunch of subscribers will be in our pocket by using this way.

    Thanks man for sharing.


  5. Hi Nisha,

    Thank you for having Anand as your guest. This post on LinkedIn couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I used to be on it all the time and called it my “secret weapon” when it came to engagement and meeting others.

    I slacked off for about a year when I was in production and couldn’t be on all the social platforms. But I recently have came back to LinkedIn… only a few weeks now and see how much social activity I am getting there.

    I do have plans to advertize in the future and LinkedIn is one of the main social places I will be doing so. There are more serious people there than other social sites.

    Thank you so much for the great tips!


  6. Hi Anand,

    Great advice.

    It’s very true that the audience of Linkedin is a whole different game, and I found that they are so much tougher than any other social media. When you introduce your content on Linkedin, it better be good, I tell you.

    Like you said, at times I don’t get how people redirect the reader when you opt-in to their offer or subscribe to their blog. I feel that there should always be an easy way to send them back to the page they were on.

    Great post, Thanks.


  7. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Catrina,

    Welcome to my blog.

    Its great to have you here.
    I prefer LinkedIn as it helps you to reach the sincere business minded people. Its is a great professional’s network that can actually do wanders to your business.

    Keep visiting 🙂

  8. Nisha Pandey

    Hello Mustafa,

    Great to see you here.

    Yes LinkedIn can be a great platform to meet your target audience, but of course if used effectively.

    Hope this one helps you get good traffic.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  9. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Yes I personally like LinkedIn a lot because it gives me access to sincere business minded people. Though I’m not planning to advertise anytime soon, but as and when I do this is the site that’ll be my priority.

    Thanks for visiting.

    Happy Easter 🙂

  10. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Sylviane,

    Yes, the audience in LinkedIn is tougher than other site, no doubt. But then they are more serious too. So, once you get hold of them, the conversion is really good. At least that’s what I’ve found.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Happy Easter 🙂