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TorGuard VPN – Ensuring Comprehensive and Secure Protection at all time

It is very rarely that you can find an impressive VPN service which comprehensively covers all the right areas. TorGuard VPN is one such VPN service that protects your privacy online in a secure manner, aids in releasing restricted content, and conceals all your internet traffic. The VPN service targets effectively on server performance and most importantly, personal privacy.

VPN services are sought after to ensure complete privacy online. While most VPN service providers guarantee total privacy, many of them do not work out effectively as desired. Torguard differs in this aspect with its various effective plans and efficient features.


Different Packages Offered

There are basically three packages on offer from TorGuard namely Anonymous Bittorrent Proxy, Anonymous VPN, and Torrent VPN service.


VPN service

Torrent Proxy

This service available at $5.95 per month helps in protecting personal identity when you download torrents using the anonymous torrent proxy present. The various effective features include cross compatibility with any operating system, successful concealing of persona IP address, and easy installation process.

This is the key VPN service offered and is exclusively provided for those who use torrent and share files with bittorrent clients. The setup is easy and has clear instructions to download for mobile, Skype, and other browsers. The pre-configured client is an easy method for those who do not want to configure the software all by themselves. When configured properly, all web traffic is directed through an anonymous connection to more than 40 proxy IPs located in four different countries.

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Anonymous VPN

You can buy VPN of this category at $9.95 per month, which provides encryption of internet activity, so you keep yourself protected from hackers. The entire internet enabled applications present in your computer become anonymous with this reliable VPN service. You do not need any special technical knowhow to use this software and it also allows torrents as well as p2p links on all the servers without any added charges.

VPN Plans

Anonymous E-mail

This is a free offer that provides secure encryption of web based G/PGP and also offshore email storage. While the basic 10MB storage is free, there is also an unlimited storage offer priced at $5.33 per month in case of quarterly payment and $4.16 per month for annual billing.

While the anonymous email service is easy to use, and you can receive as well as send email in encrypted form, the encryption process happens at the browser window which is not a complete end to end type of encryption.

 Additional Services

Stealth servers

Stealth connection is offered by adaption of obfsproxy software for open VPN, which links the client and the server. The traffic of the end user is altered into a normal HTTP traffic, which is very hard for firewalls in Iran or China to filter.

SSH tunneling

Though the SSH tunnels are not as effective as VPN service security, they do come handy on occasions and have a mode of action that is similar to a VPN service. The SSH tunnel creates an encrypted passage between the SSH server and your system, making your IP address appear as an endpoint SSL server. While you pass all your traffic via the VPN tunnel easily, to use the SSH tunnel you need to separately configure every application you need. Even if this is not used much, it is nevertheless a useful feature to have.

DD-WRT and Tomato router store

This provides a convenient way to use VPN service in all types of internet enabled devices like smart TVs and game consoles. The router connects all these devices to the VPN and helps in security, privacy, and spoofing of geolocation. The router is available as pre-flashed form, which is convenient to use either with DD-WRT or a Tomato and is fully configured for VPN service. You need not have any particular technical expertise to set up the router, which can be quite risky when you do not know how to do it.

Other Benefits

  • You can easily connect to five devices at the same time using the VPN service and it comes with a one month money back guarantee.
  • There is also a free copy of licensed VPN service software Viscocity, which is convenient to use and comes with extra effective features like IPv6 leak cover and a very trendy status graph.
  • There is also a free P2P download, which is however not available for the servers located in US, UK, Singapore, and Brazil.
  • A dedicated port and IP forwarding feature is also offered when you buy VPN at a price of $7.99 per month


TorGuard VPN service has servers located in 19 countries including far East, Australia, and Turkey. The servers are mostly present in Europe and in North America. For those who buy VPN anonymous plan, access to about 30 VPN servers present in nine countries with no bandwidth use limitations is available.

Customer Service

The customer service system includes a live chat service and ticketing method.


It is also possible to link to its serves with PPTP, Open VPN, and L2TP/IPsec, but the Open VPN is the better option. The 256 bit Open VPN encryption protocol can be used for all devices that support Open VPN and for those which do not support it the 128 bit PPTP offered can be used. This makes the security offered a comprehensive and effective one.

Further, since the company is based in Panama, the anonymity of the data is more pronounced. The VPN service does not have any logs or IP addresses to offer even if requested. But while registering for the service, you need to enter certain personal information that the company can use for promotional means. This certainly is a drawback.

The overall package offers great all round security as you would expect in a VPN, which is a fast download speed and fast response service with no log record. The features like stealth servers, free anonymous emailsm,and Viscostiy offer great value for you, when you buy VPN service from TorGuard. The Android app provided is very effective and protects your mobile just as your computer or laptop. When you are worried about security issues like internet censorship, hackers, IP theft, and IP monitoring, having TorGuard VPN service gives you an effective cover.


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