Top Website Design Trends In 2013

With the emergence of online selling and buying since the advent of the internet, websites have become an integral part of any business organization. These have to be developed in such a way that customers get a pleasant experience for them. A successful website design is that which induces a customer to search the whole website and buy something even if he was not intending to buy anything. There have been found different trends in the designs of the websites for many years. With the changes in time, these trends change as well. The famous trends of the website designs in 2013 are going to be discussed below.

web design trends

1. Content first

This point of view for the designing of websites focuses on the quality content and considers it as the top most priority. Users want to see the content which is easy to understand, searchable from any browser, and is easy to access without any interruption. Good website content communicates with the users by itself and guides them to navigate to different pages easily.

2. The simplicity of the content

This trend of the web development focuses on the simplicity of the content so as to be accessed by multiple applications easily. More the complexity in the content, the more will be difficult to access it from various browsers. This trend focuses on how pictures, videos and other graphics can be embedded into the website making it accessible by all browsers.

3. User centric design

This point focuses on the users’ preferences as the top most priority. In which way would a user like to browse the web content and how he could be provided with the guidance in navigating through the website is the backbone of this trend.

4. Interfaces for the applications

In the new era of 2013, many new applications have to be made a part of the websites, but considering the simplicity and ease of use along with. This requires from the developers to keep the interface simple along with the plug-ins for the apps to be used by the users.

5. The same interface for the desktop and mobile

This is one of the emerging trends in the website development that requires developers to create the similar interfaces for the mobile and desktop versions of the website. This provides the ease to the users in browsing for the website from different devices.

6. Responsive techniques for the search

This requires the web development technique to make it searchable through the different search engines. An impressive web developer does not focus only the Google as the search engine of the users. He has to keep in his mind the other search engines as well.

7. Flat color scheme

This trend helps in the visual aids for the users. A developer is supposed to use those color schemes that complement each other and are also beautiful and stunning to look. In this way, a website catches the eyes of customers.

8. Typography

This is another trend in the web development designs of 2013. According to this, web developers can play with the fonts to bold the headings and other content to make it attractive.

9. Fixed header

This provides the users with the comfort to get back to the main menu without wasting his time in scrolling the bar. In this way, a user can easily navigate through the site.

10. Single page websites

There have been observed many websites that include only one page. In such websites, different sections are differentiated with the different fonts and hyperlinks.

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  1. Yes. No matter how gorgeous the design of your website is, if your content sucks, it’s useless

  2. Very true James.

  3. A dynamic and responsive theme is good. Just make sure that you have quality content to match it.