Top Tips For Advertising Your Business Offline

In this day and age, people naturally head online to look for a product or service. Most companies plunge all of their advertising spend into their website, search engine optimisation and pay per click campaigns. Whilst these advertising methods are extremely effective and crucial to the success of most businesses, there are a number of tried and tested offline advertising methods that should not be forgotten.

According to the Best Advertising Agencies newer models of advertising means a strategic shift to online and digital platforms. In addition to traditional models of advertising, it is important to understand and execute advertising strategies on social media platforms, search engines and other digital areas where a brand thinks its target audiences are. Ignoring online and digital platforms is a mistake that businesses, both big and small should avoid making.


The importance of networking

Networking is an extremely effective traditional form of advertising that should not be forgotten. It can be all too easy to sit at your desk and think up advertising strategies, but meeting people is the one advertising strategy that leaves a lasting impression. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to meet other business owners in your area. You can chat with other business owners and may find that you can help refer business onto each other. Maybe you’ll find some businesses whose services you need and vice versa, so you could exchange services for free. You should keep networking at the forefront of your mind everywhere you go. Whatever you’re doing, look out for opportunities to discuss your product or service with others.

The traditional business card

Some may think that business cards are a dated form of advertising but they are more relevant than ever. It is important to steer clear from run of the mill business cards and get creative. Create business cards that grab people’s attention. Keep your business cards on your person at all times and always look out for people that might be interested in your products or services. Give a few business cards to your friends and family and ask them to hand them out if anyone ever needs the help of a business like yours.

business cards

Use your car as a mobile advert

Use your car to advertise your business everywhere you go. There are plenty of companies that produce magnetic printed strips for your car. If you can afford, you could get a car wrap or get your car painted with your company name. Not only does this increase local awareness of your business, it also looks more professional when you meet clients in a branded car.

Give away free things

Print your business details on useful items such as calendars, pens, magnets, post it notes, games or bookmarks. Everyone loves free things so will be happy to take what you have to offer. Customers will then become familiar with your business name and remember you when they come to need a product or service like the ones that you offer.

Advertise in local magazines

You could advertise your business in local magazines by writing an interesting feature. Your feature should not be sales based but you can put your company name to it. This makes you come across as an expert in your field and will grab the attention of people who aren’t looking for a product or service at the time. People may remember your name from an interesting article and refer back to you in the future.

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  3. Traditional marketing still works. But it’s better to combine it with internet marketing.

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