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Top SEO Activities Used By High Ranking Websites



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital aspect of any website or for a business that wants to have an online presence. It becomes crucial to have a strong SEO strategy to create a dominating presence and rank high on Google.

Numerous such SEO activities are involved in the building a strategy to rank on the first page of Google search results. Many top SEO companies have the expertise in formulating, on-page and off-page strategies that are used by the several high ranking and authoritative websites which include the following:

SEO Activities Used By High Ranking sites

Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important part of your business for which you will be known. They decide what kind of traffic you will be getting on your website and what is the intent of your audience. It also determines what your content will consist of which will, in turn, play a role in developing a content strategy. When keywords have so much importance, you need to spend some extra time in keywords research to rank high.

Keyword research drives your entire online marketing efforts and plays a crucial role in making every choice for your website. Understanding what kind of keywords need to be used in your content, the varied types of keywords searched by users, related keywords that also have a search volume, using long-tailed keywords, etc. are things that need to be known to you to start with any SEO activity. Long-tailed keywords are targeted the most by authoritative websites because they make the intent more defined, unlike short keywords that are vague. Also, knowing all the related keywords aid in diversifying your content as Google checks synonyms present in your post while indexing them for a user.

Backlink Plan

A backlink is a link which when clicked on redirects you to another page. You must have seen many such backlinks on blogs that have hyperlinked a keyword with a backlink. These backlinks are vital for making your online presence known to Google as well as for the users that might click on the link. These backlinks aid Google in finding new pages and indexing them.

A backlink plan should be created to set a firm limit to the number of backlinks that are required for a particular term. It is essential to have a set target because getting a large number of backlinks from a certain website could seem like spamming affecting your rank.

Backlink plans also help in outlining the backlinks that are needed from various sources like guest posting, forum posting, etc. Having links from authoritative or popular sites assists Google in discovering your page. Because an authoritative site is giving you a backlink creates a good impression on your page.

Content Strategy

Content strategy consists of designing, organising and managing the content of a website. It forms a bridge between the user and the website, helping in meeting the user intent and interest. Every keyword has an intent and meaning which needs to mapped. After mapping the intents of various such keywords, these keywords need to grouped according to their meanings.

Keywords of similar intent are grouped which helps in knowing the various pages that need to be created for a certain keyword. Then the content is decided for those pages which is of high quality and engaging. Further parameters like having a greater but significant word count for your post, including the primary and secondary keywords in the content, optimising your title tags and meta descriptions according to the keywords and user intent, and making them interesting for the user to click on are taken care of in content strategy.

Technical Optimisation

You cannot certainly think that after righting your off-page SEO and content everything will be good enough to make you rank on the first place in Google search results.  Technical aspects of a website need to be optimised for better user experience.

Aspects like the text and font of your content, the page speed, having a mobile-friendly website, including references and citations for your content, backing up the content with expert websites for that particular topic, using HTTPS for your website, etc. are required to be implemented.

Google has made certain optimisations mandatory for ranking high on their search results. Many top SEO companies of high ranking websites take technical optimisation as an important part of SEO strategy alongside off-page and on-page strategies.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is done by all the top SEO companies that are reputed for every client because this analysis is a tool in knowing the strengths of your competitor and using it for your benefit. Many new businesses that have just started out with a website do not have a lot of pages and ideas for content.

Doing a thorough competitor analysis gives you information about the various pages present for a particular keyword, multiple keywords used by the competitor, several domains that have given a backlink to the competitor, the different pages that are ranking for a certain keyword, etc. This is vital to gain new ideas to make your site unique and to stand out among others. It also aids in getting resources for your SEO activities like ranking keywords, high ranking pages, etc.


So these are the five best activities used by high ranking websites to gain that position on the Google search results. There are more activities that are vital as well but these five are the ones that make a high ranking website.

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