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Top 8 E-Commerce Tools To Boost Your Sales

Establishing your online store is a challenge which can be tackled with the right tools. From adding shopping carts to monitoring the performance of your marketing campaigns; there are a variety of tools that can be used to perform the task-at-hand.

The purpose of today’s post is to familiarize you with the latest e-commerce tools that can be used to boost your sales.

  1. Google Analytics

If you are running/managing an online store, chances are you are completely relying upon the analytics reports provided by your shopping cart. However, that’s not enough.

Google Analytics is one tool that every business should have on their websites. It allows you to better comprehend your customers’ behavior and enhance your marketing strategies. Google Analytics e-commerce tracking helps you correlate your website usage data such as landing pages, traffic source/medium, bounce rate, sessions etc. with the sales data.

Otherwise, you’d probably never know which marketing strategies, campaigns, and landing pages are attracting the customers.

Additional features of Google Analytics

  • Integrated advertising reports
  • Lets you manage and monitor mobile ads
  • Offers SEO reports, helping you comprehend how Google web search queries led users to your website
  • Allows you to remarket customers who abandon the shopping carts before making the purchase
  1. Google Adwords

Though search might not always bring the highest conversion rates, it is still considered to be one of the most effectual ways of driving traffic to your website and boost sales. And Google Adwords is an ideal tool to build successful and effective search network campaigns by discovering keyword ideas and calculating how they might perform. Google Adwords is Google’s extremely popular and successful pay-per-click (PPC) marketing tool that can be used for almost any kind of business.

Additional features of Google Adwords

  • Equipped with dynamic search ads, promoted video ads, ad gallery ads and so much more
  • Comes with various basic ad types including text, image, and WAP mobile
  • Has a wide range of bid settings to configure
  • Comes with automatic CPC bidding
  • Lets you perform demographic targeting and topic targeting
  1. MailChimp

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing and advertising. It plays an important role in the success of any website. Email marketing has proven to increase the ROI of a website with 3800%. And MailChimp is one of the most popular and powerful email marketing tools that helps you grow your email list and drive traffic from the most preferred method of communication i.e. emails.

Additional features of MailChimp

  • Lets you connect your store to hundreds of e-commerce integrations
  • Offers flexible design for brands of any size
  • Provides robust automation for online sellers
  • Equipped with inbuilt analytics tool to help you grow your business
  • Integrated with a comprehensive list of mobile options

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  1. Ecwid: feature-packed shopping carts

Ecwid is yet another popular e-commerce tool that allows you to integrate shopping carts. It is basically a web hosted solution for creating an online store along with all the features that you may need for setting up an e-commerce store. It incorporates seamlessly with any type of website as well as with your social sites. Ecwid is powering more than 20,000 entrepreneurs and merchants around the world today. It also offers support for payment processors to provide users with the utmost convenience in making payments for the products.

Additional features of Ecwid

  • Comes with an array of add-on apps
  • Seamlessly integrated into any website
  • Lets you add your store to various social networks
  • Boasts of a responsive design that make your store looks presentable on different devices and screen sizes
  1. Remarkety: Retargeting Smartly

Remarkety is a tool that assists you in boosting your sales through remarketing. The email marketing standards have certainly gone up and Remarkety aids in converting the abandoned carts into satisfactory orders. It is basically an email tool which allows you to send personalized and customized emails to your shoppers and tempt them to complete their orders with their abandoned carts.

The tool comes with various features that help you monitor and measure the performance of the email campaigns you run.

Additional features of Remarkety

  • Allows you to send email newsletters that let customers know about special offers, coupons, and sales.
  • Automatically email and follow up with customers who didn’t complete their purchase
  • Provide product recommendations to your shoppers depending on their previous purchase history
  • Automatically sends follow up emails to ask for a review or suggestion on the purchase.
  1. Rejoiner

Is your website’s bounce rate too high? Does your traffic abandon your site before even browsing a single page? If so, Rejoiner is the right tool for you. It particularly targets your users that add products to their carts but never check out. The tool will automatically send an email to these shoppers reminding them of their products in the cart and guide them to successfully purchase the added items. The tool also comes with an inbuilt analytics which can be used to monitor click-through rates and figure out more opportunities for sales.

Additional features of Rejoiner

  • Comes with an inbuilt analytics to help you analyze your customers’ behavior
  • Also, lets you review click-throughs rates and find out more opportunities for growth
  • Comes with A/B Split testing to improve your campaign ROI
  1. Groove

Customer service is one of the most important topics in the online business development. In today’s era, one unhappy customer means a huge digital warfare with negative reviews on social media platform; consequently, repelling hundreds of potential customers with a bad reputation.

However, with Groove, you can ensure that you don’t have any unhappy customer for your business. It is a customer support platform that has an email-like appearance, which makes it extremely to integrate and use. It allows your team to monitor performance metrics, build and manage tickets, and incorporate with other apps such as Slack and Olark.

Additional features of Groove:

  • Offers one of the best ticketing systems for teams
  • Renders 24/7 support with a knowledge base
  • Adds a help desk on every page of your website
  1. Get Drip

Get Drip is yet another marketing automation tool that enables your business to gather your shopper’s email address via popups and channel those email addresses into an automated system, enabling you to stimulate those leads with customized emails. The tool also enables you to divide your shoppers dynamically depending on email response activities, previous purchases, form data, website visits and more. This way you can formulate unique marketing strategies and sales emails that are sent specifically to specific groups.

Additional features of Get Drip:

  • Comes with visual Workflow builder to allow you to apply tags, send one-off emails or entire campaign sequences
  • Equipped with many opt-in forms styles to effortlessly capture email addresses
  • Allows you to use an automation engine to apply tags to your subscribers when they click on a particular action
  • Enables you to send targeted emails in three ways including one-offs, broadcasts, and Drip campaigns.
  • Lets you track your subscriber activity with various key performance metrics

We have covered 8 of our favorite e-commerce tools that can assist you in boosting your customers and sales.

Which tools do you use often? Do you have any other recommendations for our audience? Please do share!

  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing some tools, can you share which kinds of theme should we use for eCommerce website? I am eCommerce Developer. I mostly use like Boo-commerce and by coding to develop the site.