Top 7 Reliable & Cheap SSL Certificate Providers to Ensure Data Security

Today, the online visitors and customers have to do their jobs on the internet from bill clearance, online shopping, banking, credit checking, and information updates. As a website owner, you need to do everything to provide maximum trust. In the 2017 notable data thefts being unveiled where hacker targeted banking, financial, educational, government, and healthcare industries and acquired 6,862,337 records using 410 breaches techniques.

Data security is the main concern of the online users and online merchants require setting up the advanced, compatible and secure platform. SSL (Secure Socket layer) is an ideal security solution for online retailers which will enable security symbols “HTTPS” and “green padlock” in the browser address bar. Now the question is where to get my SSL certificate? Here at, we listed top reliable SSL providers those are giving certificates to customers to enjoy the trouble free online navigation.

Top Notch SSL Providers

  • Cheap SSL Shop
  • NameCheap
  • GoDaddy
  • Digicert
  • ClickSSL
  • com


SSL2BUY is the leading reseller of leading brands and selling broad range SSL certificates at discounted price. SSL2BUY gives assurance to online computer savvies to protect their data and documents. They include all kind of SSL certificates starting from a single domain, sub-domains to multi-domain, support 256-bit encryption. Prices start from just $8.67 per year. They are providing outstanding services compare to other providers such as free installation and technical support, 30 days money back guarantee, unlimited free re-issuance, etc.

Cheap SSL Shop

Cheap SSL Shop is globally trusted SSL reseller for those who are seeking for cost-effective security solutions. They provide SSL certificates from most reputed certificate authorities like Comodo, GeoTrust, GlobalSign and much more at the cheapest price. They are offering lowest price basic DV SSL at just $4.95/year and highly trusted EV SSL certificate at just $79/year.


NameCheap is the brand name with the symbol of trust for serious professional webmasters. They are not only in SSL Certificates but also provide web hosting and domain name services. NameCheap is a premium partner of Comodo certification authority and offering domain names, hosting plans and SSL certificates at economical prices.


GoDaddy is the reputed name in the domain register industry and web hosting service providers. GoDaddy is well-known certificate authority and issued trusted SSL at best price to protect data online. They are supplying complete security for small, medium and large businesses even if you want to acquire security for a single domain, sub-domains, and multiple websites.


ClickSSL is the leading reseller and provider of SSL certificates from different brands. They are the premium partner of GeoTrust, Comodo, and Symantec. ClickSSL claims to provide SSL certificates at best price without any compromise to the products. You can get SSL Certificate starting price from $12 per year.



Digicert is a trustworthy SSL certificate authority. It is trusted and used by well-known brands like Yahoo, NASA, Amazon and many more. The basic price of Digital certificate starts from $150 per year. Unlike others, they don’t provide SSL at cheap prices but their security benefits are far better.


Another SSL certificate authority, is trusted brand by users all over the globe. They have a wide range of certificates including SSL/TLS certificates, code signing, document signing, and S/MIME email certificates.  Basic SSL certificate starts from $49 per year.  The refund option is also applicable for 30 days.


So, make your choice wisely and secure your web!