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Best Automated Cross Browser Testing Tools in 2024



Selling your services and products online through your website can be like waging a war against an army of zombies if it has got any access problem. You should make sure that your website is clean, flawless, and, not to forget, compatible with other browsers such that all your users have a smooth experience.

A website’s ability to run smooth on all browsers, devices, and systems is called cross browser compatibility. Thus, cross browser compatibility is very important for your business growth.

There are several tools to check cross browser compatibility of your website. But choosing the best out of them is more difficult than breaking the Da Vinci Code. Hence, we have come up with a list of 7 best cross browser compatibility testing tools. So here we go:


On the top of the list is LambdaTest. It is one of the finest cross browser testing tools with a combination of over 2000 browsers and operating systems. Your website’s compatibility is checked on all these browsers and operating systems.

LambdaTest provides a scalable cloud grid where you can easily run the automated selenium scripts and at the same time perform testing of the web pages that you might be having.

Lambda Tunnel feature allows you to test the host locally as well as the pages that are hosted privately. This feature also allows the local system to connect with Lambda machine through the SSH integration tunnel.

LambdaTest is popular for its 24×7 customer support.

LambdaTest is a pocket-friendly cross browser testing tool. Its live testing plan begins from $15 / month while web automation with live testing plan begins from $59/ month. However, it is billed annually.

Apart from all of this, with LambdaTest Freemium plan you get 60 minutes of live testing absolutely free. Besides this, you also get 200 free minutes for web automation , testing of 10 screenshots, 10 smart UI testing and 10 responsive testing.


One of the most popular cross browser testing tools, Crossbrowsertesting offers a number of online web devices and browsers to perform cross browser testing. You can also test the web app and website behind on your company’s firewall using the secure local tunnel.

Crossbrowsertesting allows you to perform multiple tests at the same time. With the visual UI feature , you can take a screenshot of your website’s layout across different browsers as well as mobile devices. You also get codeless record feature and replay function with this. This record and play functionality can help you with selenium record tests and play them on across various browsers operating system combinations.

It costs $15 for freelancers monthly and billed annually.  On the contrary, the projects that are open sourced are free. However, the premium plan costs $29/ month for the Live Testing and $60/ month for the Automated Testing which is billed annually.


Browserstack is the oldest player in the industry with the ability to check on over 1500 browsers and operating systems for the cross browser compatibility testing. There are cloud of mobile devices to check cross browser compatibility of web applications and mobile applications.

To check how does your browser behaves in a particular geography or country, you can opt for  Browserstack’s geolocation feature to simulate the locations . You also get screenshot testing and responsive feature with Browserstack.

Browserstack packages start from  $29 / month for web live testing and for web automation testing it can cost you $99. The mobile testing tool of Browserstack costs $49  for App Live and perhaps $199 for the App Automate per month which is billed annually.

Sauce Labs

Another stalwart on the list is Sauce Labs. It has 10 years of experience in the industry and  it is one of the most popular cross browser testing tools. It checks your website’s compatibility on a number of browsers and web applications.

Sauce Labs is regarded for its wide coverage and scalability. It has enough experience to shorten your build times by fastening your life testing cycle.

Sauce Labs pricing differs from devices to devices. For example, live plan for virtual platforms testing costs $29 per month and for automation testing it costs $199 per month. Besides this, the testing that is done on the real devices costs some $59/ month and $469/ month for automation testing.


It is an online cross browser testing tool which is open source. Browsershots allows you to perform compatibility test of your web apps and web browsers. As the name suggests, it takes screenshots of your webpage in different browsers and operating systems.

It is queue based kind of tool and it is free of cost since it is an open source application.


One of the key benefits of having Browserling for cross browser testing is that it offers the interactive browser testing of web applications and  browsers.

Just like Browsershots, you can take webpage screenshots on different browsers. The best part is that you can share and save it with your team as well later on. It allows you to change screen resolutions and screen size, which is good for checking website’s responsiveness.

Another benefit of having Browserling  is that you get extensions to Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari for the cross browser testing.

Browserling package has Developer Plan for $19 / month and the Team Plan starting from $29/ month. With the package, you get unlimited testing minutes in order to perform the cross browser testing.


Alright! Last but not least on our list of best cross browser compatibility testing tool is IETester. IE stands for Internet Explorer. So this testing tool is specially designed to test your webpage on different Internet Explorer versions.

IETester supports the Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP to check your webpages.

IETester is also a free cross browser tool that can be used for testing.

All aforementioned cross browser compatibility testing tools are the best in the industry. They come with different features and functionalities. So it is important to choose the tool that best suits all your needs.

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