Top 7 Android Apps for Professional Web Developers

Now-a-days, web developers are too busy with the web developing task. Generally, people like to use PC, Laptop, Notebook, MacBook, etc. as device and Windows, Linux, OSX as the operating system for Web developing purpose. But, day by day, our devices become smaller and we use latest technology to browse the web and finish our task.

Android devices are one of the most popular devices that we use to browser the web and different purpose in our daily life. The Android operating system is also popular and you will get lots of free and premium apps for the operating system for various tasks. As a web developer, you can also use your Android Smartphone, Tablet or any Android device to finish your web designing tasks easily and quickly.

Today, I’m going to share top 7 Android apps for professional web developers. Just install these apps on your Android device and make your task easy.

Android Apps for Web Developers

Number#1 | 920 Text Editor

The 920 Text Editor is one of the most popular and perfect Web Code Editor apps for Android apps. The apps used by thousands of professional web developers to design and develop websites. You can easily open and edit the old file with this app. The apps also let you view what your changes.

Features of 920 Text Editor

  • Open different files in different tabs at a time
  • Text highlighting features
  • Support HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Python, SQL, C++ and much more coding language
  • Show line number
  • Automatically detects file encoding
  • Easy to use
  • Preview changes
  • Color picker
  • Downloaded more than 1,000,000 times
  • Version: 13.7.18
  • Download Link

Number#2 | AndFTP


The AndFTP is a popular Android App for Web Developers that will help you to download, upload and synchronization files for web sites. The app work as FTP, FTPS, SCP client and it also help to manage FTP configuration. You can also browse web files with the help of this app easily and quickly.

Features of AndFTP

  • Timeout features
  • APPE features to resume upload or download
  • Support small screen
  • Multilanguage supported
  • Retry on transfer failure
  • Over 5,000,000 downloads
  • Download Link

Number#3 | HTML Source Code Viewer


The HTML Source Code Viewer is a basic web development tool that helps to view the raw code of any website. You can easily highlight specific code line and find the specific line by search option. With this app, you can also view CSS file and Java file of any site.

Features of HTML Source Code Viewer

  • Requested URL preview
  • Only view code
  • View each and every single line code
  • Downloaded more than 50,000 times
  • Download Link

Number#4 | kWS – Android Web Server

Android Web Server

The kWS – Android Web Server is my last recommended Android App for Web Developers. This is a lightweight web server that is running on any Android device easily and quickly. You can use this app as the web host over HTTP.

Features of kWS – Android Web Server

  • Secure access
  • SSI included
  • Directory index
  • Dynamic DNS update
  • Up to 20 parallel connections at a time
  • TLS Supported
  • More than 100,000 downloads
  • Download Link

Number#5 | VT View Source


We can’t see the source code in our Android device browser, no matter which browser we are using. Web designers and developers always need to see source code of any webpage. The VT View Source App solve this problem for Android users. You can see HTML, CSS, JavaScript or XML source code using this app.

Key Features

  • View source code of HTML, CSS or JavaScript file
  • Free app with no ads
  • Highlight theme, adjust color or line
  • Mobile and desktop browsing mode
  • Support text warapping and text zoom
  • Source code search option
  • Download Link

Number#6 | Hacker’s Keyboard


Coding from mobile or tablet? I can’t. Well, the Hacker’s Keyboard is here to do some little coding or editing easily and quickly. The keyboard comes with large and user friendly layout with separate number keys. The keyboard layout designed according to the AOSP and support multitouch feature.

Key Features

  • Support more than 30 different languages including Spanish, Romaniam, Finish and Lao
  • Perfect layout for Tablet
  • RTL supported
  • Language pack available
  • Built-in dictionary
  • Attractive background color and theme
  • Download from Google Play

Number#7 | Learn HTML


The Learn HTML is a basic Andorid app for Web designers and developers to learn code easily. This is a free app to design your own webpage by learning and practicing. There are several text documents and video tutorials available in this app. You can save and bookmark essential tutorials to learn later.

Key Features

  • Essential coding quizzes and checkpoints
  • New tutorial series published regularly
  • Built-in discussion board
  • Track your achivements
  • And much more
  • Download here

Final Thought

To become a professional web developer, you must utilize all devices you have. Using a smartphone or tablet can help you to solve a small problem instantly. And hope, our recommended list of web developing Android apps will help to make your coding tasks easy.


  1. Awesome apps!!! Thanks for sharing the list. I have tried Text editor from the list. This list will help many. Good job!