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Top 7 Android Apps To Boost Your Phone Performance



Having a clean and high-performance Android device is a must have in this day and age where phones are for communicating, playing games, listening to music, surfing and even telling time. Even when you download only a few apps, with time your phone will be slow because of junk files, app caches, and residual files. However, you can maintain your android phone or tablet by using specifically well-designed apps for cleaning as well as boosting these devices. Here are the top 7 Android apps to boost your phone performance;

  • Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager is a tool that optimizes and maintains any android phone. It has a simple interface where in one click you can speed up your device, free memory from any residual junk files, save battery and automatically stop any app. What is cool about this app is that the moment you switch the screen button on your phone, the Advance Task Manager stops whatever task you were doing including preventing any app from running in the background. It also has the quick uninstaller feature where you can permanently remove files or apps. The battery manager lets you view and stop any high battery drainage apps.

This app is free, and you can easily download it from Google Play.  Other features found in this app include an Android optimizer for freeing up memory from the unused app and Ram. If your GPS is draining your battery, then use the Kill GPS feature in Advanced Task Manger to kill any apps that use GPS service.

  • App Cache Cleaner

This is one of the most useful tools for cleaning all the cache at once on your phone. Your android phone stores cache which over time can eat up your device memory and slow down the phone. When not removed the apps will use the cache to run in the background and result in battery drainage. However, with App Cache Cleaner, you can view the amount of accumulated cache and the apps eating up your space. What’s great is that is can be downloaded for free in Google play. It has a one cleanup feature that will find and remove all cache files and give your Android phone more space which you can use for other applications. This app is simple to use and is well designed to do the stated job which is to clear the cache at once without having to manually select cache from individual apps.

  • Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is one of the top apps for boosting the performance of Android phones. When using this app, your cleaning process will be fun as you will be entertained by funny pictures which will keep you smiling throughout the cleaning process. It does a thorough job of cleaning the system including all cache from applications and browsing history. By cleaning and removing all duplicates and unnecessary files, this app prevents lag hence improves a device performance. It also terminates any background apps for apps that are not open or currently in use.

It can be cumbersome and time-consuming to delete big files. However, Droid Optimizer does an easy job of deleting any big files at a fast rate without wasting battery life. The cleaning process is automatic and fast. It has other extra utilities such as Privacy Advisor and App Manager. Using the App Manger tool, you can view all your apps and remove those not needed. The privacy advisory feature maintains privacy by scanning for any hackers or potential threats in your phone and when found gives you the list where you can manually delete.

  • Android Booster

Android booster will improve the speed of your phone as well as ensure your phone is in a healthy status. This multipurpose booster is one of the top Android apps to increase your phone performance. Apart from optimizing, it also has other great features like file manager, battery manager, network manager and app manager. Using the battery manager utility, you can view all apps that are consuming battery and are arranged to start with the highest drainage. It allows you to kill any app that you want so as to increase battery life. Instead of having to download a separate antivirus, Android Booster includes an antivirus tool which you can use to scan your entire phone contents and remove any harmful malware. In areas where the network is poor, this app has a network manager that will boost your phone’s network and even improve data usage. The privacy protector comes in handy when you need to keep files or apps way from prying eyes.

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  • Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is modern and one of the top apps for boosting an android phone. When buying a phone, one element that can be the cause of a slow phone is the custom launcher. To increase your phone’s performance, Nova Launcher works as a replacement of your home screen, and you can even customize which apps should appear in the display. It enhances how your phone looks and functions without slowing the performance. You can use this app to change theme color, app widgets and create folders for organizing all your stuff. The user-friendly interface means anyone can operate this app. More has been written about Nova Launcher on TechiesPad and we urge you to check it out.

  • Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher is one of the best inbuilt apps for boosting Android phones. It’s clean, simple to use and has many customization options. Using the customization feature, you can choose and pin which icons and apps you want in your phone while preventing any background processes. Using this app, you can also reduce Ram usage by using the quick app scan option.

  • Simple System Monitor

With graphical representation of the performance and health status of your Android phone; Simple System Monitor is one the top app. using this app you can check your CPU usage, monitor all the apps on your phone and RAM. Simple System Monitor is a simple app that can be easily understood by both novice and experts.

Using any of these apps, you can maintain a clean Android phone and prevent any frequent lags as well as free up some more space which you can use for other resources.

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