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Top 6 Ways to Increase Your Brand Visibility on Social Media



Over the year, buying patterns and behaviors of consumers in the digital space have shifted drastically. For most people, the items they need to buy are just a click away. Increasingly, buyers are opting to shop using mobile phones. This means that your target audience is closer than you think – just a click away from buying your product or that of your competitor. As such, digital branding is critical in ensuring that your product is present online and that brand loyalty is nurtured well on different marketing channels. But how best can you achieve this? How can you manage and build your brand through digital marketing so that your target audience can consider you in their buying decisions?

  1. Use Multiple Digital Platforms

Your target audience is most likely spread across different social media platforms. This means that your digital marketing strategy should be able to cover all these platforms. Many people narrow their digital marketing to Facebook, but it is just one among many social platforms. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat are all digital spaces that you can use to increase your product’s digital visibility. The secret is to identify a social media platform that generates the results you want then run most of your marketing campaigns there while sustaining a brand presence on the other platforms.

  1. Sustain your Digital Marketing Efforts

Social media is a marketing space that remains active round the clock so it is important that you remain consistent in your efforts. This means that once you take a dive into social media and open your brand page on any of the channels, you should monitor it continuously and engage with your audience on the platform. Based on the number of enquiries you receive, you could consider hiring someone to manage the channel or buy tools to help you automate the process to ensure regular posting. Ensure that you use hashtags to maximize your reach.

  1. Prepare to Face Unhappy Customers

Unhappy customers find social media platforms the idea spaces for venting their displeasure. As such, be ready to receive criticism, trolling and complaints from your customers as soon as your marketing campaign goes live and prepare some guidelines on handling it when it comes. It is important to ensure that no negative reviews go ignored. It is best to assure customers that their voices are heard and that steps to address their complaints or problems will always be taken.  Failing to have a presence on social media or even having a page that is managed poorly can affect the image of your brand negatively. A good social media profile can go a long way in increasing your engagement with existing customers, brand followers and interested leads. When you run your branding campaign the right way, you will certainly create a loyal audience on social media.

  1. Utilize SEO

Tap into SEO services to increase the visibility of your brand. You can do this by optimizing your website and content. Besides utilizing on-page SEO, consider using off-page SEO as well because the later informs search engines how your digital audience perceives your brand. Also, make use of parasite SEO strategies that allow the authority of other pages to boost your brand. To do this, you need to post on digital spaces that have good authority. You can achieve this by creating content on sites that are already ranking highly and linking back to your website. One way to do this is to respond to a question that relates to your brand on a site like Quoraand directing the reader to some relevant content you already have on your site. Such a reference link will constitute a valuable back link that will increase the visibility of your brand to an audience that is already looking for answers.

  1. Monitor your Branding Progress

The way to measure the success of your digital marketing campaign is not by looking at the followership or likes. Rather, your success largely depends on the shares and engagements the campaign receives. As search, analyze your data to determine how many people actually share your social media posts and even repost them. Review the posts that get high engagements then generate more content on those topics to increase your reach.

Also, recognize that other digital channels do exist, and sometimes those have better branding compared to social media. As such, your brand could also be receiving mentions or reviews on other blogs and forums. Though this could be a sign that your digital engagement is going right, it could also mean a wider scope of content that need to be monitored for you. It is therefore important that you get know of every mention of your brand, whether positive or negative, and respond to it. Consider using tools such as SEMrush to keep track of all reviews, mentions and reviews to monitor your brand in the digital space to ensure you don’t miss anything.

As you track your brand, consider monitoring your competitors to see their approach to promotions. You will be surprised by how much you can learn from them on what works and the channels that are most effective in generating results so you can apply the same tactics to your campaign. This can save you both time and resources that would otherwise be spend on trial and error because it enables you to make decisions that you can easily justify with data.

  1. Boost Brand Awareness with Advertising

Consider using tools such as pay per click to draw people to your site and also boost the image of your brand. This means that you’ll need to bid for relevant keywords. You can use branded terms and primary keywords that are more sensible to your brand in your bids. Try and optimize your advert copy on a regular basis so you get good quality score.

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