Simply Map Me Plugin

Top 6 Free WordPress Plugins for March 2014

WordPress has established its mark as a flexible platform for web publishing due to its easy setup. It has been downloaded over a sixty million times since debut in 2003. The cause of its popularity is the ability to add plug-ins that are a dandy instrument for managing the SEO centric needs of content managers, handling of comments, enhancing the appeal of published articles, capable of handling numerous comments with the power of filtering spam and much more. In a nutshell, they are a perfect match to WordPress for enhancing its basic functionalities.

Of nearly 32,500 Plugins available for WordPress, users have the liberty to choose and implement one or many to their WordPress blogs.  The plus point being, there are thousands of plug-ins to plump for and the minus point being, there are thousands of Plugins to plump for! There are many grapes in the WordPress plug-in ecosystem, but many are certainly sour. Same as the mobile application stores! You can make your choice from the WordPress’ directory of “most popular Plugins” to take a look at recent tops, but they do not indicate the usability factor at all. If you go for a manual search, it will be like the instance as depicted in “Lucy Gray” of William Wordsworth.  Thus, it’s a complete time killer. We here intend to save your time by digging best of the bunch plug-ins that you might not even take out after dwelling in WordPress Plugin’s pool.

Inline Comments (for threaded comments)

Who will not want to take care of the comment’s section of their blog? It is the realm of visitors and organizational hub of the author. Interactions in a threaded view could not be better ‘cause of anything than it is for Inline Comments, and it is even for each paragraph. This is the best way to allow commenters to cite the paragraphs. Mind it! This plugin works with integration of Discus. Register for it and enjoy.

 Inline Comments Plugin

WP Fastest Cache (for simple caching of website)

Website caching is considered as the best practice for reducing its load time bypassing the server load. I found the WP Fastest Cache as best also a simple to use tool, through which you can optimize caching of each post as per your convenience. Smart feature offers the caching to automatically disable when accessed from the mobile devices and for light single page posts.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin

All-in-One WP Migration (for migration and export of data)

Ever come up with the stress of migrating from a WordPress website? You might not be stressed if you have used All-in-One WP Migration plugin to import, Export as well as manage old data of the website and use it as a smooth transition to the new one.

All-in-One WP Migration Plugin Image3

Simply Map Me (for G maps integration)

If you embed Google Maps often to your website, Simply Map Me is a must grab plugin. It reduces your pain of embedding full code each time you want to show the maps in a post with automatically integrating a short code that is generated by merely selecting the location. I recommend this for every business owner to show their exact location to their visitors.

Simply Map Me Plugin

WP Notifications Manager (for easy e-mail notifications’ modification)

WordPress becomes annoying when it sends a plenty of emails regarding each activity on your website. This is good at many times, but maddening most of the time. In my opinion, if you are a regular moderator, then there is no need of getting these Notifications. This can simply be done by the WP Notifications Manager. It offers an easy interface to disable notifications sent by WordPress to your e-mail.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin (for easy conversion to mobile website)

WPtouch Mobile Plugin is the most sought after plugin in the WordPress directory. Even a non-tech person from a developer background, like me, can make his website compatible with most of the mobile devices in a few simple clicks. With the increasing craze of mobile internet browsing, this plugin I recommend to all.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Go through our list of Plugins, check them out, use to the fullest and tell what you think of them?