Top 6 Free WordPress Plugins for April 2014

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular platform for blogging with more than 20% of the web being dominated by it. To ensure that your WordPress site is optimized completely, you need to install the right plugins. Plugins are essential for increasing the performance and user experience, and they help to improve site’s rankings on the search engine. With over 30,000 plugins available at present, selecting the appropriate plugins can be an overwhelming task. Here are my favorite 6 free WordPress plugins for April 2014.

1. Jetpack


This is a powerful plugin I like that has features like email subscriptions, social networking, site stats, forms, and many more. The recent updated version also supports multi-site setup.  I find it has the right makeup to administer multiple sites from a single administration account.


2. ithemes security


iThemes plugin

Formerly named WP Security, this plugin has over 30 different ways to protect and safeguard your site. Weak passwords, outdated software, and plugin vulnerabilities are taken care of by this plugin. What I like most in this plugin is it fixes the common problems related to security, halts automated attacks, and increases the user credentials.

Common Features include

  • Gives total support with its pro features.
  • Prevents obscure attacks by hackers on sensitive areas of your site like administration, login etc.
  • Protects the site from bots, hosts, agents and increases password, server security, and other vital features.
  • Detects any changes in the database and file system.
  • Regular backups of database and many more security features.

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast


WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is a top favorite SEO plugin that optimizes your site for the search engines.  Functionality of content analysis, automatic generation of XML sitemaps are some of the important features this plugin supports. Increasing visitors, optimizing WordPress site is easy with this plugin. Touted as the perfect SEO plugin, I think it is a good plugin which has all that you need in terms of optimization right from the content, titles, and descriptions present to the technical details your site requires.


4. Conditional Widgets

 Conditional Widgets

This plugin gives your widgets a form that enables users to opt for the categories or pages needed. The widget is hidden or displayed. Intuitive interface that is easy to set up without any need for technical know-how makes this plugin a popular choice. You can choose whether to show or hide a particular widget depending on the categories available. I’ve found this one of the best straightforward plugins present. You get options to hide, easy use of widget logic commands from a simple drop down menu where you can choose the posts, pages or categories and 404 error pages.


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5. NextGEN Gallery


NextGEN Gallery

This is a popular gallery plugin that has crossed 9 million downloads so far. You can upload and manage image galleries using the two front ends display design. The best part I like about this plugin is control of features like the style, timing, size, controls, transitions, and light box effects is easy. The features present include

  • Easy uploading of the galleries with diverse and potent functionality feature that automatically imports image information.
  • Helps in excellent gallery management by dedicated and centralized methods that edit, use thumbnail management, add watermarks to images, and organize the galleries.
  • Displays galleries in thumbnail, slideshow, and single display types.

6. WP Responsive menu


WP Responsive menu

 This plugin is for those sites which do not have a responsive feature. It helps to adapt the navigation of the site into a mobile friendly site. The standard menu in your WordPress site is taken and changed into a sliding model that is fully optimized for mobile use.

There are plenty other plugins that can be put to potential use in various aspects of your site. While some of the older plugins have retained their popularity, there are some new entries too that make it easy to maintain your site effortlessly. These top plugins that I’ve put together are sure to keep your site in tip top shape now.

  1. quite useful stuff, thank you very much.

  2. It is my pleasure to share my experience with all.

  3. All the plugins are really useful and WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of my favorite plugin.thanks to share there great plugins with us.

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  5. I was searching for these tools from many days. Thanks fore sharing the information.

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  7. Hi Nisha,

    As I said in my previous comment. I love very much SEO by yoast Plugin. Actually in “All in one SEO pack” Noindex sub-pages option is not available and this option is available is in Yoast Plugin. Because of this feature I love it.
    This plugin have lots of feature even in free version.

    I am using this Plugin in my 3 sites.

    Actually WP Responsive menu have not most effect. I like Mega Menu Plugin that have cute design. But it’s premium plugin.

    Any way thanks for sharing these plugin. in which some are new for me.

    Areesha Noor

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    Yes, i am agree that “SEO by yoast” plugin is better than “All in one SEO”.

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  9. All the plugins are really useful and WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of my favorite plugin.thanks to share there great plugins with us.