Top 6 Email Marketing tools that will save your $500 every month

It’s 2016, an era where 144.6 BILLION emails are sent EVERY DAY ! Well, that’s a BIG number, I mean, extremely big isn’t it? Now, why would people send so many of them, if they were a total waste of time and resources?

Well, so the simple answer is, they aren’t a total waste of time and resources, right?  Now, why would you want to spend your hard earned money, on something as stupid as Email marketing tools? Well because, an Email List is probably the best investment you’ll ever make in your digital marketing career on this planet.

I personally prefer GetResponse, straight and simple. But the reason of me compiling this post is to give you a fair Idea about why I’m in love with the tool, why aren’t the other tools as enticing to me as GetResponse, or am I just being Biased?

Keep reading and you shall find out.

Why I love GetResponse:-

Simply because, they give me value for my money. They are cost effective, and start at as low as $15/1000 subscribers, totally affordable, and because this $15 doesn’t just go in for the Email marketing tool,  there’s a whole level of “class” to GetResponse.

Ever heard “Always deliver more then the client expects” ? Well Getresponse totally knows what that sentence means, I’ll list out what I’m getting with GetResponse (And also, what I wont be getting with other tools) to make the decision easier for you.

I’m getting 500+ Email Templates with GetResponseAll  pre-made. I don’t even need to change most of them, they’re already professional done. All I need to do is, select one based on my needs, and edit the text, send it. That’s how easy GetResponse has made it for me.

And guess what, I don’t have to worry about the templates not being responsive, because no matter what device it is, GetResponse email templates look just fine on any of them. They are totally responsive ! That’s not something every email Marketing tool has to boast for !

Not just that, I’m getting an Advanced AutoResponder ! That let’s me automate my responses to my subscribers. Am I trying to tell you that only GetResponse has Auto-responders?

Ofcourse not, every Email marketing tools is bound to have AutoResponders, what makes GetResponse special is it let’s me trigger special “Event based” or “Action based” emails. Well, what it technically means is, I can send an E-mail, and attach a specific action to it, for eg. a click, or something else. And a customized Email would be sent to the person who performed the action from my autoresponder.

Now that’s what the “advanced” in “advanced autoresponder” meant.

Oh, they also allow me a great many number of A/B variation tests. Well, A/B tests are small variations that I can apply to my Email campaign. No matter how slight these variations are, they provide a great deal of significant insight into what’s working, and what’s not.

Here’s what Neil Patel’s simple “subject line” Change resulted into:-


If a simple subject line change can result in such a varied result of the E-mail Open rates, just imagine what will other changes like the header placement, font colours or button customization do ?

Anyone can go out and send an e-mail, what makes you a real marketer is how good you understand your audience, and how better your can persuade them to buy your product, that’s exactly what the A/B test let’s you do.

Additionally, the best part about GetResponse is, it has got Landing Pages ! Well, umm yes the actual, real landing page builders. Without chraging me a single extra penny. Before this I was with LeadPages, and I had to pay around 20$+/month just for the landing pages thing ! That’s a big duh, right? Here with GetResponse I’m getting an awesome Landing page option.

“Awesome”? What’s awesome in getting a landing page? Ah a reasonable question, the “awesomeness” is I’m getting the over 100+ Pre Made landing page templates ! Well, in addition, they have this super cool Drag&Drop landing page template editor. !


And if even that’s not enough to convince you, they made it all free ! Free in the sense, I’m only paying $15 for the Email marketing tool, and I’m getting this landing page thing absolutely free !

After all of that, I wanted to integrate my GetResponse with my WordPress blog, and I must say the integration was smooth as anything ! No coding needed, no Api integration thing, they probably have one of the world’s best integration systems !

And not just WordPress, later I found out I can even integrate GetResponse web forms directly to my Facebook pages too ! I’ve a good enough facebook page, and it was of utmost need to me. To be honest, I didn’t know that it was possible, but well, I was wrong. I could manage an E-mail campaign right from my Facebook account ! What else could I wish for?

And the icing on the already sweet cake was, their Tracking and analytics dashboard ! Man, take my word for it, it’s just awesome. I didn’t need to connect it to any third party tools to track the performance, instead I could get all the important metrics like open rates, GeoGraphical locations and what not, directly from my GetResponse account.

So that was about it, now probably you’re getting a neat Idea why I’m so addicted to Getresponse despite there being so many other tools for the same job ! So, well let’s take a look at those other tools and see where they stand !



MadMimi comes up constantly as a GetResponse “alternative” in forum chats, but ask me and I’d say it’s “good”, but maybe just not good enough ! I mean overall, it does the same job, of annoying people with Marketing emails, just like GetResponse or any other tool out there, but atleast tools like GetResponse can dress up the Email in such looks, that people might actually take up the actions intended in the E-mails, this dress-up , seems to be absent with MadMimi.

The first point that struck my head once I checked MadMimi out was, it doesn’t have Pre-made Email templates ! I mean, not as varied or as many as GetResponse. All it has is a theme, and a colour scheme, and you just get a very basic approach to it !

Secondly, Madmimi doesn’t , just simply doesn’t let you split test ! Imagine, where would you be if you’re sending Emails every week to your subscribers, and there’s a big flaw in the emails? There just is no scope t improve upon it , or test variations !

Oh, it does have a very good autoresponder that much I give to MadMimi ! Not as advanced as GetResponse’s, but it’s good, basic, and neat.

The one aspect where MadMimi is creditable is it’s integration ! It can really be integrated with a lot of third party tools and apps out there.

But again ,when it comes to reporting, you get a very, very basic analytics dashboard. From that dashboard, you can’t possibly even calculate how your campaign did. It’s like it tells you the open rates and some basic info only. If you’re in this for the long run, that data won’t help.

Okay so overall, Madmimi just isn’t my choice right now ! I mean why would it be?  It’s charging me $10 for 500 emails ! While I’m getting a much better, advanced, and feature rich platform for the same job with GetResponse, right?

But it’s still here in this Top Email Marketing tools comparison, because if you’re just starting out, and need a basic, not so advanced kind of startup tool, MadMimi is definitely the thing to go for. It wont complicate things for you, and it still does a good job.

Vertical Response:-


Vertical Response has a very cool FreeForm template editor. That let’s you Drag&Drop elements on the screen in order to create your Email template. But here, the catch is it’s not as User friendly as you might be getting with GetResponse. And even Vertical Response itself admits it, and for the reason it has a second editor, that’s a “text only” template editor which is basic and can be used by you without complicating things.

It has an incredible system to let you connect it to Social networks like Facebook and twitter ! Your emails can even be forwarded to your user’s friends using the social networks integration thing. So yes it’s worth it.

The one aspect where Vertical Response lacks is, it doesn’t really have a proper documentation. I mean, if you get struck somewhere, it’s really hard finding your way back to the solution without watching some third party youtube videos, which you have to lucky enough to find on youtube.

Well, vertical response does have an awesome List management system ! You have an advanced search/sort option, and bulk functions too. !

You can integrate it with Google Analytics to get insights about your campaign, but their inbuilt tracker isn’t really a good option !

Okay so bottomline with Vertical Response is if you’re just stepping into the ocean of email Marketing, and don’t want to mess with a lot of options, then definitely you can go with Vertical Response.



You might be getting bored with my traditional writing approach, right? Well, let’s try something new over here. How about a pro’s and cons’s consideration?


  • Split Testing ! You can boost your final results because it definitely let’s you split test your variations.
  • 72 Pre designed Email templates ! Well this number is not as much as GetResponse, but it’s still okay I’d say.
  • Good Drag & Drop editor along with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Ability to add Dynamic Content blocks.


  • It’s tracking and reporting dashboard is a bit complicated. As it takes image based and Test based Email campaigns in two totally different sets.
  • Very Limited Image Editing scope.
  • Can’t import your list from other tools.

That was about it, MailiGen is good, it definitely is, unless you compare it with Getresponse. But even if you do, it has it’s own uniqueness and flavor, so feel free to go out on a limb and give it a try.



Campaigner came about this world pretty early, around 1999. So, it’s one of the oldest alternatives to any other tools in this list, so it definitely is reliable ! Well here’s what it has to offer, and what not to :-


  • Two different Email Editors:- Smart email Editor & Full Email Editor.
  • Advanced Tracking tool, that let’s you get a lot of insights into your campaign, including:-  opens, clicks, replies, unsubscribes, complaints, ratios, heat maps, trends, geographical locations !
  • Extensive customer support! Through Emails, Phone, or Online Resource center !
  • Good Integration support.
  • Pre- Made email templates !


  • Not a very smooth editor.
  • The automation, or the auto-responder is not as advanced as with other tools in this list.
  • No Anti-spam tools.

Well that was what Campaigner has on it’s plate, now it’s your choice to decide if it’s the tool you want to go with, or not.



PinPointe is by all sort and means, one of the best contenders on this list. Just because it’s deep down on this list, don’t dare to underestimate it’s powers, as I’ve not compiled this list on the basis of “ranks”, but rather these are just positions nothing else.


  • A very advanced Editor ! Unlike the above tool, campaigner, PinPointe has a very, very advanced Template editor, which allows you to add your own custom blocks, forms and a lot other things.
  • WYSIWYG editor ! So, no messing with codes and results now. You’ll have the perfectest template you desire.
  • Good Targeting. You can target the whole of your list, or only a fragment of it, based on location, age, or just any metric which you might have with you.
  • In-built Google analytic Integration.
  • Good reporting tools. Which have the capability to let you know if any of your E-mails bounce back.


  • Yes, it has a lot on it’s “editor” plate. You get a lot of options, but sadly, some of you might feel it over-crowded.
  • Heavily “text based” editor.
  • Over-strict Email policy. It’s very strict about what kind of Email service you are using, if you’re GMail / Reddif kind of guy, pinpointe wont work for you, plain and simple.
  • No Landing Page Builder.

Although pinpointe is smart, advanced and simple, pricing is what beats it down to the ground. The starter plan will cost you $49/mo for 5000 subscribers. This amount is pretty low, and more reasonable with GetResponse as Getresponse offers you a lot more features then just an Email tool.

Final Verdict:-

All of these tools know what they do. They are in this business since a long time, but then again there always are “good” things, and the best ones, right?

I’d say the only two strict competitors in this list are, PinPointe and GetResponse. But then again, taking them seriously, you have to pay a lot more with PinPointe, and you don’t even get features like the landing page or the webinar page.

So probably, my love for GetResponse is justified, right? If you still feel I’m wrong, feel free to point it out, but as for now I’d say Getresponse definitely offers your “most” number of features that there are, and probably at the lowest cost.

So yes, GetResponse is the thing for me, and if you’re the son/daughter of some multi-millionaire, it should be yours too. Because, the price is reasonable, it offers your enough features, and it’s advanced enough.

Signup for Getresponse free trial Here.

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