Top 5 ways to Build up Quality Backlinks to Your Social Profiles

Getting quality backlinks forms an integral aspect of your search engine optimization tactics in order to bring quality traffic to your site. There is nothing more powerful in getting the search engine to take notice of your site other than bringing a strong social signal coming from your social profiles. You can bring the most out of your organic traffic growth when you check keyword rankings that can help build a strong social signal on search. To help you build mfore quality backlinks to your social profiles, here are the tricks that can help you get better results.

Quality Backlinks to Your Social Profiles

1. Guest blog on reputable and authority sites

Guest blogging is one of the traditional ways of getting high quality backlinks to your social profile. However, you must be able to submit your guest posts to reputable sites that are authority to their niche industry to get quality backlinks. The guest post site should have a high page rank on the search engine in order to give your social profile better exposure on the web. You can check keyword rankings as well in order to determine the best keyword to use on your guest blog to drive better traffic to your social profile on search. High quality and authority guest blogging sites do not publish duplicate content on their site and they observe a high standard when accepting guest posts which can help bring better quality traffic to your social profile. Make sure to leave a link to your social profile in the author bio when submitting a guest blog.

2. Be active in blog commenting

A good comment across the different blog posts on the web while leaving your social profile link is a good means of bringing more traffic to your site. Leave a comment that is very informative to your reader, one that offers a solution or clarification about a particular issue and include your social profile URL to your signature. You can engage your readers better by providing a very interesting and informative comment that will surely make them very interested to your social profile.

3. Do article marketing to build quality backlinks

Article marketing is one of the oldest methods of building backlinks to a site that works although one must take caution when using this channel in getting backlinks to their social profile. Because the channel was abused by online marketers, the Google algorithm is getting smarter in evaluating the quality of article submissions to an article marketing site. You should be able to use the proper keyword or anchor text when embedding your social profile and use them in the body within its proper context. If you do it right, article marketing remains to be effective in delivering quality backlinks to your social profile.

4. Bookmark your social profile

Social networking is an effective method of building high quality traffic to your social profile. There are high ranking social bookmarking sites that can bring a constant traffic flow to your social profile. You are better off in using this kind of backlinking strategy if you want to keep the exposure of your social profile to the search engine more consistent.

5. Publish newsworthy press releases

Press release can help you get more exposure to the news channels whenever your posts are newsworthy, informative and talk about trending topics. By press release you are getting the attention of your target readers who have the same interest as your market or industry. Make your press release heading attractive and interesting enough to catch the attention of your readers. If you provide interesting subject matter you can successfully draw traffic to your social profile which helps grow your backlinking efforts.

  1. Social single is the one of the important factor for search engine ranking. Google launch Google Author Rank, so if you have high Author Rank and maximum engagement in Social site (Google+) your change to get high rank in search result.
    In my point of view, only getting backline is the not enough for blog success. what you think ?

  2. Nice and clear article but just wanted to ask a Question – Some days ago I read a article on Moz and there clearly stated that social signal doesn’t effect and hamper you SERP ranking.What your view on it

  3. As my point of view, social signals are creating big impact on our website traffic. So, it is must to do so on.

  4. Hello Nisha!

    After the Panda and Penguin update there has been a lot of talk about social signals and their influence on rank for regular websites. But links from all social media website are nofollow and Google clearly states that they do not follow nofollow links. So, whether social signals impact search engine ranking of a website is still a question.

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